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If you are a supplier, consultant, contractor or other organisation working with a public sector establishment to deliver energy-efficiency projects, you may have questions about how you can assist them in benefiting from Salix funding.

Please note that suppliers, consultants and contractors cannot use the Salix name without the express approval of Salix. If someone has seen reference to the Salix name on another website then please refer this to Salix and email

The following questions and answers cover the most frequently asked enquiries of non-public sector organisations. If you have any questions that are not covered here, we are happy to speak to you about these. Please email your question to

Q. We are the supplier/manufacturer of a technology which is not on the Salix supported technology list. Will Salix consider this for funding?

A. Salix appreciates that new energy-efficiency technologies emerge over time, and therefore is open to reviewing any that public sector organisations wish to implement in order to assess their suitability for Salix funding.

New technologies will be reviewed if they have been submitted for consideration by a public sector organisation. This ensures that technologies are added only when there is an evident level of demand for public sector organisations to access Salix funding streams for this technology.

Full details on information required for a new technology to be assessed can be found here.

Q. Can I make an application for funding on behalf of a public sector organisation?

A. You can support an organisation by completing the relevant documents for their application and submitting these to Salix, however the application must be fully approved by an individual at the public sector body who is able to authorise the loan application. The application process is simple and can be completed in 5 steps.

Q. Does Salix have an approved list of suppliers?

A. Salix has an approved technology list and invites clients to use whichever supplier they wish provided their product is part of this list. Salix does not, however, have an approved list of suppliers. Clients are expected to follow the public sector organisation's correct procedures for procurement and internal sign-off.

Q. Can Salix recommend my product/services to other public sector bodies?

A. Salix does not recommend specific products or services to public sector organisations, nor does it work in partnership or association with suppliers, consultants or contractors.

Q. Can I use the Salix branding on our website/literature to promote Salix funding?

A. Salix welcomes the use of the Salix brand on marketing material and websites of third parties, including links to the Salix website. This must not, however, be in association with wording that might be construed that Salix is working in partnership or recommends the services of the associated organisation.

Q. Does Salix support online advertising?

A. No, Salix does not support the use of advertising using the Salix name. Salix does not condone the use of the Salix name for Google ads or advertisements and asks that people get in contact if they see evidence of this. If you wish to reference Salix in a press release or any other marketing material, including online advertising, we request that you contact our marketing department. Salix can offer guidelines in producing written content. A high quality version of the Salix logo can also be found here. Please contact for further details. 

Q. Does Salix ring-fence funding for specific consultants/suppliers to use for energy efficiency projects?

A. Salix does not ring fence any of it's funding for use by specific consultants or suppliers.



 Updated June 2016

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