Salix Schools - Switching to Low Energy Pilot

New award-winning opportunity to reduce your school’s energy use in a cost-neutral and holistic approach

Salix are now offering maintained schools in England the opportunity to take part in Phase 2 of our award winning pilot research and have a comprehensive energy survey conducted on their site which aims to demonstrate how you can reduce your school’s energy spend as much as possible. The survey report highlights no/low-cost behavioural changes, along with energy efficiency projects e.g. lighting or heating system upgrades and also scopes for renewable technologies*.  

By taking a holistic approach to upgrading your school’s buildings, the maximum benefits can be achieved and your energy bills can be reduced as much as possible. Including behaviour changes in the process also helps get staff and pupils involved and raises awareness of the importance of reducing our carbon footprints.

The survey provides enough detail to procure against and avoid any upfront costs.  The cost of the survey can be included within the total loan amount when the school applies to Salix for interest-free funding

In 2015, Salix conducted the first phase of a pilot of this model for which two awards were won, Financier of the Year and Company of the Year from the New Energy and Cleantech awards 2016. Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury, Kent was a part of this pilot and received a comprehensive energy survey. They have used £220,884 of Salix interest-free funding to install multiple energy efficiency technologies including boilers, heating controls and insulation. The projects will save the school over £28k per annum and has reduced their energy spend per pupil by an estimated 24%.

 If you think your school could benefit from this comprehensive site survey and are interested in improving your school’s energy efficiency and reducing costs then please email to take part in phase 2 of the pilot research.

The latest interim report on Phase 1 of the Salix Schools: Switching to Low Energy is available upon request.

*Renewable technologies are able to be funded by Salix providing they are integrated into a wider range of energy efficiency work

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