ADEPT Green Finance Toolkit available

Submitted by Salix on Thu, 04/06/2020 - 16:17

With the risks of climate change growing year by year, the steps we take to rebuild the UK economy will have a profound impact on future sustainability, resilience, and wellbeing. 

ADEPT (The Association of Directors for Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport) and leading infrastructure provider, Amey, recognise the need to build on some of the positive side effects of COVID-19 and develop ambitions for clean growth, green recovery and delivering net-zero carbon.

report, produced by ADEPT and Amey in February 2020, reflects the discussions that were held at an Excellence in Place Leadership (EIPL) session in January 2020, mentioning Salix on pages 14 and 16 as a resource for sustainable government funding.

With the UK looking to develop a recovery programme following the coronavirus pandemic, the report showcases a toolkit for readers with a focus on green finance as a mechanism for facilitating sustainable resilience. 

The toolkit provides members and partners with several tools, information, and guidance they need to effectively play their part.

The full report was launched in May 20201 and can be found here.