Guidance on the preparation of Heat Decarbonisation Plans

The following is intended to be a helpful guide for all organisations wishing to upgrade and improve their current Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HDP) or are setting about creating their first plan. We know that not all public sector organisations have an existing HDP, so Salix has created this guide to enable you to get started or to engage specialists to help prepare the plan. The Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF) is available to help you upgrade your current plan and the LCSF can be used to fund the creation of plan, if you are funded from the PSDS and implementing technologies in categories 2 and 3 (further information on categories can be found in the scheme guidance on the Salix website).    

Before starting out on creating a plan, many find it useful to set out their situation in the policy context of what is happening in Britain today and how the world has responded to the threat that global warming brings. Many organisations up and down the country have declared a climate emergency as more understand how our reliance on fossil fuels is threatening our planet. 

 The UK has a 2050 net zero target and the public sector throughout the UK can make a major contribution to enabling our country to reach this target. The public sector can influence local communities and businesses. A starting point for that influencing role is to have in place a HDP which demonstrates how the public organisation concerned is leading the way in your community. 

Purpose of a Heat Decarbonisation Plan 

The purpose of a HDP is to describe how an organisation intends to replace fossil fuel reliant systems with low carbon alternatives (e.g. Heat Pumps). To meet the challenge of net zero, organisations throughout the UK need to decarbonise their buildings.  

A HDP describes the current state of an organisation’s energy use and its plans for reducing and/or decarbonising its energy use.  The plan outlines what an organisation has already done, what it is currently doing, what it plans to do in the future. The plan explains what actions are going to be taken, over what timescales, and the intended outcomes. 

Purpose of the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund 

This fund enables public sector organisations to access grant funding to help them produce a HDP. It is possible that you do not have either the resources or the skilled personnel needed to complete a HDP. If that is the case, you can apply for funding to either produce the whole plan or to appoint specialist help to your organisation to create that plan.   

To download a helpful guidance document on completing a Heat Decarbonisation Plan, please click here