Brighter Future for Oxford’s Gloucester Green Underground Car Park

Submitted by Salix on Thu, 13/08/2020 - 09:34

In January 2019, Oxford City Council declared a Climate Emergency and held the UK’s first Citizen’s Assembly on Climate Change. With an ongoing target of achieving zero emissions by 2030, the Council continues to develop and deliver multiple energy efficiency projects across their estate.

One of the Council’s latest projects is an LED lighting upgrade to the city’s Gloucester Green Underground Car Park. Concerns had been raised with Oxford City Council about the poor lighting in the car park contributing to anti-social behaviour, particularly within darker areas.

In order to improve safety throughout the car parks environment and reduce carbon emissions, the Council’s Energy Team re-designed the underground parking’s lighting scheme by replacing the existing fluorescent lights with brighter, lower energy LED lighting.

In total, around 121 new LED lights were installed (observing COVID-safe working practices) throughout March and April this year.

In addition to an expected reduction to the Council’s electricity use in the car park by approximately 30%, it is estimated that the scheme will reduce energy bills by around £2,000 and four tonnes of carbon per year.

The Council carried out the design work in-house using specialist software, allowing them to easily identify suitable solutions for areas in the underground car park that were under-lit and locate additional lights. The new lighting will provide a safer and more welcoming atmosphere for visitors as the city centre begins to re-open for business.

The project was made possible thanks to the Council’s Salix Recycling Fund, a long-term ring-fenced fund held by the public body where financial savings are reinvested by the Council year-on-year to fund further energy efficiency projects.

More information about funding for Local Authorities can be found here.

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