Who Can Apply?

Those who are eligible to apply for the Phase 2 Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund (Phase 2 LCSF) and are referred to on this page as the “the Eligible Body” or the “Applicant”: 

The following organisations are eligible to apply:

  • Central government departments and their arm’s length bodies (set out in Public Bodies as published by the Cabinet Office, see here
  • For central government departments where their roles are reserved (i.e., not devolved Governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), funding may be used for estates located anywhere within the UK
  • Emergency services
  • Institutions of further and higher education
  • Local authorities
  • Maintained schools within the state education system, including academies, Multi-Academy Trusts and free schools
  • Nursery schools maintained by a local authority
  • NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts

Schools funded by charities, private schools, private colleges and private universities are not eligible to apply.

The Application Portal will require all Applicants to state which public organisation they belong to.  


  • Public Corporations are not eligible.  
  • Registered charities are also not eligible, unless they are also non-departmental public bodies as defined by the Cabinet Office.  
  • Private sector organisations are not eligible for any funding through the scheme. 
  • Social housing is not eligible to apply for the Phase 2 LCSF.

All public sector organisations classed as “economic actors” under the UK EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement must cooperate with Salix to help ensure compliance with the subsidy control rules.

A joint application can be made for more than one eligible body. In this case, a lead Applicant should be agreed, who will submit the application on behalf of the group. All measures within a group application can be entered onto a single Application Portal.