Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can the skills funding be used for? 

A: The full details are on the website but in summary, there are four different funding opportunities within the LCSF. These are funds to: 

  • Support project development 

  • Support project delivery 

  • Enable a heat decarbonisation plan to be created 

  • Funds to improve an existing heat decarbonisation plan. 

Q2. How can I apply to the fund? 

A: You can apply here for project development funding. You can apply here for project delivery and heat decarbonisation support funding. 

Q3. Who is eligible for making applications to the fund? 

  • Central government departments  

  • For central government departments where their roles are reserved (i.e. not devolved to Scottish or Welsh Governments or the Northern Ireland Executive), funding may be used for estates located anywhere within the UK 

  • Emergency services 

  • Institutions of further and higher education 

  • Local authorities 

  • Maintained schools within the state education system, including academies, multi-academy trusts and free schools 

  • Nursery schools maintained by a local authority 

  • NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts 

  • Non-departmental public bodies 

A joint application can be made for more than one eligible public sector body. In this case, a lead applicant should be agreed, who will submit the application on behalf of the group. All measures within a group application can be entered onto a single Application Form.  

Exclusions: Public Corporations are not eligible. Registered charities are also not eligible, unless they are also non-departmental public bodies as defined by the Cabinet Office. Private sector organisations are not eligible for any funding through the scheme. Social housing is not eligible to apply for the Grant Scheme. For information regarding the £50m Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator, see here. 

Q4. Can eligible public sector bodies make more than one bid to the fund? 

A: Yes, however, Salix is expecting many applications. Applicants are encouraged to make a single application that contains all relevant requests. This will enable the assessment of your application to be completed quickly. 

Q5. What documentation and information are required to submit an application? 

A: Applicants will be required to complete the online application form. In addition to details of the eligible body applying for funds, information requested on the forms includes: 

Project development support 

  • Outline of the project opportunity that is to be developed 

  • Indication of the cost of that project 

  • Estimates of the anticipated benefits (energy efficiency and carbon savings) where this is possible 

Project delivery support 

  • A description of the project delivery support activities you need. 

Heat decarbonisation plan support 

  • A summary of the quantity, age and size of the buildings that a heat decarbonisation plan is required for  

  • Is there an existing plan that needs to be developed or does a plan need to be put in place?  

Q6. Can a consultant make an application on behalf of a public sector organisation? 

A: No, the application must be authorised and managed by the appropriate Authorising Official of the eligible body, but a consultant can support you to complete the application if this is required. 

Q7. Is there a minimum/maximum amount that can be applied for? 

A: No.  

Q8. Are there any projects or client types that are not supported? 

A: Projects for social housing, street lighting and some heating solutions are not eligible to access this fund, see here

Q9. How many days will Salix take to process applications and to make a funding decision? 

A: Salix will review applications on a weekly basis from 7th October 2020. Where applications contain all the evidence requested to complete an assessment, Salix plans to assess projects and make applicants aware of the funding decision within five working days. 

Q10. When and how is the funding paid out to successful applicants? 

A: Public sector bodies that will require funding to be transferred between government departments at Supplementary Estimates will receive their funding via the Supplementary Estimate process, rather than as a payment directly from Salix.  

For all other public bodies, a Grant Offer letter will be issued, and arrangements will be made to release funds immediately and final release of funds is subject to receipted invoices being submitted. 

Q11. What happens if my application is unsuccessful? 

A: If Salix encounters challenges or difficulties with an application, you will be contacted to discuss the steps that can be taken to improve the application. Applications can then be edited and re-submitted with improvements and/or changes for consideration. 

Q12. What support can Salix provide to help you access this funding? 

A: Salix can support public sector bodies with any enquiries. Salix can be contacted on [email protected]

Q13. What criteria will applications be assessed on? 

A: Applications to this fund will be assessed on:  

  • Evidence of need documented in the application; demonstration that without this funding support, it would not be possible for a public sector body to apply for the Grant Scheme, to develop heat decarbonisation plans and/or execute essential project delivery support activities. 

  • How well the project that the public sector body is seeking to develop fits the criteria for the Grant Scheme, details can be found here. 

  • How likely it is that the public sector body, if successful in securing the necessary funding, can develop an effective and robust application to the Grant Scheme before the closing date. 

  • If the level of activity and the funding being requested in project delivery and/or heat decarbonisation plan support applications is commensurate and reasonable. 

Q14. Is there a deadline for submitting applications by? 

A: Yes, the deadlines are on the Salix website, see here.  

Q15. Will there be any reporting requirements? 

A: You must keep receipted records of all expenditure incurred using the awarded funds. 

For funding awarded for Project Development support, organisations which will require funding to be transferred between government departments at Supplementary Estimates, must submit all receipts by 1st February 2021.  

For all other organisations, receipts and a claim for the final 30% payment of the grant must reach Salix by 1st February 2021. 

For funding awarded for Project Delivery and Heat Decarbonisation Plan support, organisations will need to submit all receipts when the work has been completed.  

Q16. How do I find my view or previously submitted application? 

To view or amend your application please login to the Salix website and click onto the portal once again to view submissions. If you are having trouble finding your application please email [email protected]