Bournemouth £4.3 million Street Lighting Project Set to Deliver Lifetime Savings of £17 million

Salix is working in partnership with Bournemouth Borough Council on a £4.3 million street lighting project set to achieve financial savings of £17million over the life time of the project.

Salix is part funding a wider project totalling £7.8 million and we are pleased to announce work is now underway to replace all of Bournemouth’s 16,500 street lights to make them more energy efficient.

University of Reading Fume Cupboard Upgrades to Achieve Lifetime Financial Savings of over £700,000

The University of Reading has recently completed a £187,000 fume cupboard upgrade installation, achieving lifetime financial savings of over £700,000 and lifetime carbon savings of nearly 3,000 tonnes of CO2.

Salix were pleased to hear that Daniel Fernbank, energy manager of the university, has written an article in the university’s environmental publication, ‘Clean and Green’ to highlight the importance of project in reaching their energy targets.

Press Release: Programme to drive down energy costs and energy usage in schools

Salix programme improves learning environments and increases students’ awareness of the importance of energy efficiency

Schools call on the minister to ensure funding stream continues

Salix Listed in London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain!

We are pleased to announce that Salix Finance is listed in the London Stock Exchange Group’s top 1000 companies to inspire Britain.

Salix Exemplar Schools Film

We are pleased to announce the launch of the corporate Salix exemplar schools film, in partnership with the Department for Education.

The exemplar school material includes:

Salix Finance clients to deliver £1 billion of financial savings for the Public Sector

With every £1million invested £4 million is saved
To view the press release detailing the £1 billion of financial savings that will be delivered to the Public Sector by Salix, please click here.
  • Salix loan funding has helped 780 public sector clients across Britain, Wales and Scotland to undertake over 11,000 energy saving projects valued in excess of £250 million


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