Our People

Kirsty Adamson

Programme Co-ordinator - Wales

As a programme co-ordinator, working in the Wales team, I am responsible for providing support to clients through the application process to the successful completion of their projects. I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible by using public transport, recycling and avoiding single use plastics.

Harvie Agnew

Client Support Officer - Schools and Academies

Qasim Akhtar

Technical Services Manager

I am the programme manager for Technical Services at Salix Finance. I look to reduce my carbon footprint by using public transport where possible and transitioning towards energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting at home.

Nadim El Bakri

Programme Coordinator - Schools

I am part of the Schools and Academies team. As a client support officer, I support Maintained Schools and Academies in England to apply for Salix funding towards energy efficiency projects, as well as providing advice on how to utilise funding towards long term decarbonisation strategies. In my everyday life I reduce my carbon footprint where possible and avoid single use plastic. I believe that through everyday environmentally conscious choices we can drive the change for a better and greener future.

Hayley Bristow

Programme Coordinator - Wales

As a Programme Coordinator I work within the Salix Wales Funding Programme, supporting Welsh Public Sector clients such as local authorities, universities and schools to apply for funding towards energy efficiency projects. I also support clients by advising how to utilise a Salix loan toward long term decarbonisation goals. I lead a sustainable lifestyle by avoiding single-use plastics, recycling whenever possible and buying local food with low to no air miles and therefore a lower carbon footprint.

Martha Chafer

Programme Coordinator - England Street Lighting

As a Programme Coordinator on the England Street Lighting Team, I work with clients from large county councils to small parish councils, offering support throughout the Salix application process, from the initial point of interest through to project completion. I also help to support clients with their long-term decarbonisation plans. I avoid non-recyclable plastics and keep my carbon footprint to a minimum by using public transport and buying clothes and furniture second hand. Most importantly though, I find that actively seeking out new information and being willing to learn from others is the best way to continually increase my commitment to sustainable living. There are lots of encouraging discoveries happening every day that act as a great source of motivation for living sustainably.

Seema Chandel

PR & Marketing Officer

As a PR and Marketing Officer at Salix Finance, I organise events and produce content for digital, social media and offline marketing materials for a range of audiences. I am passionate about sustainability, the environment and conservation and limit my carbon impact though eco-friendly choices and travelling by public transport.

Edward Clark

Programme Manager - England Street Lighting

I am responsible for leading an expert team in the delivery of the England street lighting programme. We support English local authorities of all sizes with energy efficiency projects across their street lighting estates, helping them reach carbon reduction targets and saving money. I like to cycle where possible, try to make sustainable lifestyle choices and enjoy growing fruit and vegetables and baking bread on a regular basis.

William Cook

Programme Manager - Wales & NHS

I am responsible for managing and overseeing the Salix funding schemes across Scotland and Wales, supporting clients to implement their carbon management plans and help them save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon emissions. In order to reduce my carbon expenditure I brave the elements and cycle to work.

Laura Couldrey

Programme Manager - Colleges & Universities

As a programme manager, I guide applicants through the Salix funding process to ensure they successfully complete their projects. In my everyday life I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. I am an avid recycler, use public transport and try to choose local products.

Holly Croft

PR & Marketing Officer

I work as a PR and Marketing Officer for Salix, compiling marketing materials across both online and offline platforms and contributing to the organisation of events. In order to reduce my carbon footprint, I travel on public transport or walk. I also recycle and re-use as much as possible and make sustainable lifestyle choices to reduce my use of energy and resources.

Aisling Crowley

Technical Coordinator

I have been working with Salix in their technical team since 2018 providing our public sector clients with expert advice on energy efficiency. I have experience with 1000s of projects ranging from LED lighting upgrade projects to heat decarbonisation measures. My primary role is to carry out technical due diligence of projects that are funded through Salix. This means I provide assurance for energy saving projects that they will realistically achieve the carbon and financial savings anticipated and that public funding is spent with best value for money. Some of the things I like to do to try and minimise my carbon footprint are eating a plant-based diet, cycling into work, and reducing the amount of clothing and plastics I buy.

Joan Dayap

Client Support Officer - Colleges & Universities

Working as a Client Support Officer for the Colleges and Universities team, I assist further and higher education institutions in building their long-term energy efficiency project plans all the way through to delivery and completion. I am passionate about sustainability and actively reduce my carbon footprint by limiting my use of single-use plastic; using public transport; and recycling as much as possible. Additionally, I will be looking to transition into incorporating a more plant-based diet and cycling to work to reduce my carbon footprint further.

Lawrence Denyer

Business Analyst

Sinead Desmond

Programme Manager - Universities and Colleges

As Programme Manager for the Universities and Colleges programme, I work together with both Higher and Further Education institutions to support funding opportunities and accelerate efficient investment in education estates across England. I actively look to reduce my impact wherever possible by making sustainable travel, food and fashion choices.

Cally Dodson

Finance Officer

I work within the Finance Department supporting the Finance Manager, assisting with the daily running of finance activities. To reduce my carbon footprint I walk and use public transport wherever possible.

John Edmonds

Non-Executive Director

John Edmonds is a Board Member of the Environment Agency. His Environment Agency responsibilities include Navigation and the Thames Region. He chairs the Inland Waterways Amenutues Advisory Council which advises the government on waterway issues. John has always taken a particular interest in environmental matters. In the 1970s, he was a member of the Government's Advisory Council on Energy Conservation. In the 1980s he was a member of the Royal Commission on Environment Pollution and in the 1990s a Non-Executive Director of the Forestry Commission. John is an Honorary Fellow of the Society for the Environment.

Shaista Farooq

Programme Co-ordinator - England Local Authorities

I’m part of the Local Authorities team in England. As a Programme Coordinator, it is my role to provide support to our clients with their decarbonisation plans and guide them through our application process. I try my best to reduce my carbon footprint daily by walking and using public transport as much as possible. I also actively recycle and turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use at home.

Cameron Flewitt

Business Analyst

In my role as a Business Analyst, I support other teams around Salix in the delivery of monthly reports on committed and completed project figures for Recycling Funds. I also provide further ad hoc help to these teams, whether it be with reports, queries or systems development. I am passionate about all facets of sustainability and walk to work to reduce my carbon footprint. I am also a pescetarian, having removed other meat from my diet both for health and environmental reasons.

Lindy Frey

Programme Manager - England Street Lighting

As Programme Manager for the England Street Lighting Programme, I’m responsible for working together with our local authority clients and partner organisations to accelerate investment in energy efficient street lighting across England, helping authorities to significantly reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions. My efforts to reduce my personal carbon footprint include walking to work, limiting the energy/water waste at home, reducing my disposable plastic consumption, composting food waste, and eating a mostly vegetarian diet.

James Garth

Client Support Officer- Scotland

As part of the Scotland team, I provide support to local authorities, universities and arm’s length organisations within Scotland to secure funding towards energy efficiency projects. I support my clients before, during and after their applications for Salix funding, helping to ensure projects are successfully reducing carbon emissions and energy costs. As part of my role I support the University Carbon Reduction Fund and provide advice on clients long term decarbonisation plans. I cycle to work and around London where possible and have opted for energy efficient heating and lighting at home. I have also moved to a predominantly plant based diet and try to avoid single use plastic packaging.

Liam Gillard

Programme Manager - Wales

I am responsible for managing and overseeing the delivery of the Wales Funding Programme. Working together with my team we support clients to implement their carbon management plans, helping to reduce both their carbon emissions and energy bills. I actively try to reduce my carbon footprint by using public transport on my daily commute and often walk or cycle as an alternative to driving. I also try to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Suki Gohel

Programme Co-ordinator - England Local Authorities

I work in the local authorities team in England. It’s my role to provide support to our clients throughout the application process. I believe that individual choices can be a powerful driver for effective positive change. Some of the ways I try limit my environmental impact is through a plant-based diet, abstaining from fast fashion and avoiding single-use plastics wherever possible.

Teresa Graham


Teresa graduated from Newcastle University in 1977. She joined the Newcastle upon Tyne office of a Big 5 firm as a student accountant and transferred to the firm's Department of Privatisation Services in London in 1989. From December 1986 to August 1987, she was seconded to the UK Governments Enterprise and Deregulation Advisory Panel for a two-year term. She was the winner of the “Young Accountant of the Year Award” for 1988 in recognition of her contribution to the small firm's sector, her profession and work with Government. Teresa joined Baker Tilly in 1989 and during her time there she headed up their Business Services Department. She now works independently focusing on her two passions – strategic advice to ambitious, growing businesses and liberating these businesses from the fetters of red tape. She holds a number of non-executive directorships in SMEs as well as in one of the largest private companies in the UK. She also has a variety of mentoring and advisory roles in other growth businesses. With her red tape hat on Teresa has just stepped down as Deputy Chair of the Government’s Better Regulation Commission (BRC) after twenty years of working in this arena. She is Chairman of the Administrative Burdens Advisory Board of HMRC. She is also Charing the Regulatory Board of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Her most recent publications are a major piece of work on litigation and compensation for the Lord Chancellor, an independent review for the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the Small Firm’s Loan Guarantee Scheme and is a groundbreaking study for the Prime Minister, “Less is More”. She is currently a Patron of Network, a national forum for women in business. In her spare time she has been the past Chairman of the London Society of Chartered Accountants and still advises The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales on SME issues. She is the 2007 Laureate under the ICAEW Award for Outstanding Achievement awarded annually to a member of the Institute who has made an outstanding contribution in any fields of endeavour. She was also a past member of the Accounting Standards Board’s Committee for Accounting for Smaller Entitles (CASE); a past member of the Government’s Ministerial Group on Access Business; past Chairman of the RSA’s Educational Policy Committee; past Governor of Bromley College of Further Education, past member of the Advisory Committee of the Office of Further Education; past member of the Advisory Committee of the Office for National Statistics, a non-executive member of the Advisory Committee of the Steering Board of the DTI’s Small Business Service, a member of the DTI's Small Business Council and a former Director of Business Link London South. Teresa was awarded a CBE in 2007 New Years Honours list for public service and an OBE in the 1997 New Years Honours List for services to Better Regulation and the small firm's sector.

Abbie Harper

Office Assistant

I am the Office Assistant for Salix Finance working predominantly with the HR and Finance team. My main role is to support the company with all administration duties. To reduce my carbon footprint, I actively recycle at home and I use public transport wherever is possible.

Ben Hartfield

Technical Programme Manager

I am proud to lead a team of technical experts, overseeing the due diligence of applications for low carbon technolgies in the Public Sector. We provide technical advice to our customers and solutions for their inefficient buildings. I personally reduce my carbon footprint through cycling to work and using a clean energy tariff at home.

Natalie Hobbs

Client Support Officer - Scotland

Nia Hodnett

Technical and NHS Coordinator

My main responsibility in Salix is to technically assess project applications and offer support to staff and clients on technical queries. I mainly use my bike to get around London, thus reducing my CO2emissions from public transport. I also recycle and limit my consumption of single use plastics.

Heather Jones

Programme Manager - Scotland

As Programme Manager for Scotland I work with my team and partner organisations in Scotland to support the Scottish public sector to access funding for energy efficiency projects enabling them to reach ambitious carbon reduction targets, whilst reducing energy bills and improving their estates. I try to be more mindful of the impacts my lifestyle has on the environment, for example I have reduced the amount of meat in my diet and have changed to 100% renewable energy supplier at home.

Abdul Kamil

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst, I am responsible for providing regular reports on project completions and commitments and maintaining records on the SUN System. I also assist the Technical Team with project assessments. To help reduce carbon emissions, I walk or use public transport where possible. I use energy efficient lighting around the house.

Sameen Khan

Programme Manager - NHS

As the Programme Manager for the SEELS NHS programme, my responsibilities include expanding the Salix market within the healthcare sector in England and managing and supporting client relationships within NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts to help build a strong pipeline of energy efficiency projects and guide them through their funding applications and project delivery. I have been with Salix since 2013 working with the Recycling Funds for over two years and as the Wales Funding Programme Coordinator for a year. When it comes to saving energy, I keep a constant check on my energy use by switching off lights and sockets not in use and use my washing machine on a lower cycle duration cutting the time taken by half. I also actively recycle.

Bernhard Lozowski

Technical Coordinator

I have worked in the technical team since August 2018 where I am responsible for undertaking technical assessments of applications for Salix funding and assisting with other technical queries and checks. I have previously worked in the implementing and maintenance of energy efficiency and renewable measures in housing. In my daily life I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible and keep up to date with the latest developments in the area.

Corinne Manion

Programme Co-ordinator - Schools & Academies

I currently work as a Programme Co-ordinator for the Schools Team within Salix. In this role, I help to support schools and academies from the application stage through to project delivery. To reduce my carbon footprint I cycle to work, recycle as much as I can and I'm conscious of the food that I eat.

Christopher Masters

Programme Coordinator - Scotland

As Programme Co-ordinator for the Scotland team, I assist clients with their applications for SEELS and Recycling Funds, supporting them through to project completion. To reduce my carbon footprint, I cycle to work daily and try to make every journey by bike. I also recycle at home and avoid single use plastics where possible, as well as consuming a predominantly plant-based diet.

Rebecca McNamara

Programme Coordinator – England Street Lighting

In my role as Programme Co-ordinator, I am responsible for providing support to Local Authorities in England for Salix-funded street lighting upgrades, from initial application through to project completion. To reduce my impact on the environment I try to recycle/re-use as much as possible, as well as moving away from single-use plastic to eco-friendly alternatives, being more conscious of what I eat and walking wherever possible.

Torran McNeill

Programme Co-ordinator - Colleges & Universities

As a programme co-ordinator at Salix, my role involves helping clients through the funding process from development to completion, to ensure that the projects are completed successfully. I reduce my carbon emissions by cycling to work or using public transport. I also actively recycle at home and the workplace, whilst using energy efficient technology where possible.

Alex Morgan

Programme Manager - Multi-Academy Trusts

I work with Schools and Academies across England to implement energy efficiency projects, helping them meet their carbon reduction needs and save money on their energy bills. Making my lifestyle more sustainable is important to me, which is why I am a big advocate for cycling to work and reducing my meat intake.

Natasha Mylett

PR & Marketing Manager

I am the PR and Marketing Manager for Salix. In order to reduce my carbon footprint, I use public transport for my daily commute and walk whenever possible. I aim to recycle and re-use as much packaging as I can, including re-using carrier bags at the supermarket and turning off appliances when not in use. I have also reduced my meat intake over the past year.

Suad Omer

Programme Co-ordinator - Schools & Academies

I work on the Schools and Academies. My role is to manage the process of application submission and the successful delivery of projects. I do my best to reduce my CO2 emissions by using public transport, and at home switching to more energy-efficient appliances.

Nicolle Paisley

Programme Co-ordinator - NHS

I am a Programme Coordinator on the NHS team. It is my role to support clients throughout the application process. I have a big interest in climate change and environmental issues, which has motivated me to study for a BSc in Environmental Sciences in my spare time. I am always looking for ways to reduce my environmental impact. Currently, I reduce my carbon footprint by avoiding car usage as much as possible, moving towards a more plant based diet, and purchasing pre-owned items where possible.

Charles Pegg

Programme Co-ordinator - England Local Authorities

I’m part of the Salix Local Authorities team, working with a range of public sector bodies across England who wish to use Salix funding to support energy efficiency projects. I am a big advocator of sustainability through using low-carbon transport options and raising awareness on the topic. I also take an interest in the socio-cultural elements of anthropogenic climate change such as why individuals beliefs differ on the issue and its representation in the media.

Simon Pettett

Programme Manager- SEELS England

I am responsible for managing the Salix loans scheme across Schools and Academies, Colleges and Universities. I walk or use public transport as much as possible and always use the same bags when visiting the supermarket.

Helen Powell

Director of Finance and Resources

I am responsible to the Chief Executive for all aspects of the financial management of the Company. I try to adopt the “three R” principal - Refuse, Reuse, Recycle – where feasible, use public transport or walk wherever possible and eat a low carbon diet.

Renata Sangster

Finance Manager

I support Financial Controller and Head of Finance in preparation of monthly financial and non-financial reports and assist with daily running of operational and finance departments. I actively use residential recycling services for plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and food waste. I switch off all the appliances and sockets if not used. I cycle, walk and use public transport only.

Cemile Sarafat

Finance Assistant

I work within the Finance department, dealing with daily operational activities that occur in the company. I try my best to reduce my carbon footprint by travelling via public transport and walking daily.

Jack Saunders

Programme Manager - Local Authority Buildings & RF

As part of the England Local Authority team, I support our SEELS, Recycling Fund and Salix Decarbonisation Fund clients to ensure the successful delivery of Salix-funded energy efficiency projects. I have a background in conservation and promoting ethical and sustainable decision making is something I view as extremely important. To get around London I prefer to walk if possible and otherwise I use public transport. I enjoy getting out in nature and enjoying the green spaces of London and the UK.

Annie Shepperd OBE

Chief Executive

I am responsible to the Salix Board for the performance of Salix. I work with our core funders to ensure we deliver the results they are looking for. I am working to make my home more energy efficient, I have just completed double glazing and now fitting high quality LED lighting. Increase of use of public transport and reduce need for car! After reading the Carnivores Dilemma1, I made the decision to switch to a low carbon diet. This article is persuasive about the need to change eating habits and can be foundhere. 1,000 calories of beef produces 9.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide. I am now eating low carbon food. 1National Geographic November 2014

Paul Smyth

Director of Programmes & Technical Services

I am responsible to the Chief Executive for the delivery of all programmes and the technical assessment of their individual projects. To reduce my impact on the environment I cycle to work. While my current bike is a folding one, it has 8 gears, weighs less than 10kgs and is of true racing pedigree. At home, I have introduced many energy efficiency measures resulting in annual energy bills and water bills of half the typical average. I recycle/re-use as much as possible and my family has moved away from single-use plastic.

Michael Stark

Non-Executive Director

Michael was appointed member of Salix board in April 2013. His past experience includes working as a senior civil service advisor to the Cabinet Office and Department of Education. He has also been involved in guiding international education practice in the USA and Africa. Since 2010, Michael has been instrumental in encouraging the British Government to provide funding, to support health professionals volunteering abroad. He is founder of Educators International Charity, which encourages UK public servants to volunteer abroad in developing and improving major education projects. He is also a trustee of Priors Court, a residential school for young people with autism.

Hayley Veenhoven

Senior Programme Manager

I am responsible for managing the Salix loans scheme across local authorities, emergency services, museums and transport executives in England as well as the strategic relationship of 69 individual Recycling Fund clients. To help lower my carbon emissions I always try to ensure I travel in the most sustainable manner whether that be by train (rather than flying), or walking or cycling.

Beth Williams

Programme Manager - England Local Authorities

I am responsible for managing the England Local Authorities Buildings and Recycling Fund Programme. To reduce my carbon emissions I travel to work by public transport and when buying food I aim to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of the packaging as possible.

Aycan Yasar

Client Support Officer- Schools & Academies

As a client support officer at Salix Finance, my role is to support schools through the application process, assisting them in successfully completing their energy efficiency projects. As an environmentally conscious person, I try to reduce my carbon footprint by travelling around London by public transport and walking where possible. I also recycle at home and turn off appliances when not in use.