Case Studies

Salix client case studies have been developed by Salix to promote and communicate how Salix funding has been used by a wide range of public sector clients to complete energy efficiency projects on their estates. The case studies cover a range of client sectors (such as schools, higher education establishments, the NHS etc.) and technologies funded through Salix.

Documents are displayed with the most recent first.

Title Description Date Added Document
Nottingham City Council A case study on Nottingham City Council's Recycling Fund and how they have financed over £3 million of energy efficiency projects which are estimated to give them lifetime savings of over £10.5 m Download
St George's, University of London A case study on St George’s, University of London medical school who used £947,000 of interest-free Salix funding and £646,355 of internal investment to replace their dated chilled water system. Download
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council A case study on Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council who used £157,600 of interest-free Salix funding to install nine different technologies across four schools. Download
The Pax Christi Catholic Academy Trust A case study on the Pax Christi Catholic Academy Trust who used £112,630 of interest-free Salix funding to install LED lighting, insulation, TRV's & control systems. Download
Funding for Maintained Schools This flyer explains how In partnership with the Department of Education Salix Finance provides funding for maintained schools for the installation of energy efficient technologies. Download
Glasgow Life Glasgow Life, an independent trust managing leisure facilities on behalf of Glasgow City Council used interest-free funding from Salix to set up a £420,000 Recycling Fund to deliver energy efficiency projects throughout Glasgow. Download
Grendon Parish Council A case study on Grendon Parish Council who used interest-free finance from Salix to part fund a £9,500 energy efficient LED street lighting upgrade across the parish. Download
Salix Working Within the NHS This flyer showcases the work that Salix has done with the NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts to fund energy efficient projects. Download
University of Reading A case study on the University of Reading used £187,000 of interest-free Salix funding to install ventilation upgrades to a number of fume cupboards in their laboratories. Download
The Lincoln College Group A case study on the Lincoln College Group who used Salix interest-free funding of £704,849 to substantially reduce their carbon emissions by completing LED lighting upgrades across their campuses. Download