Compliance Tools

Salix Project Compliance Tools allow clients to check that their project applications meet the Salix compliancy criteria for their respective loans programme. A completed compliance tool is required for each funding application made through Salix.

The current set of projects compliance tools are as follows:

  • Salix Compliance Tool and Business Case - to be used for either standalone projects or multiple technologies.
  • Street Lighting Compliance Tool and Business Case- to be used for Street Lighting projects that have phases over multiple financial years. This can include CMS.
  • Salix CHP Business Case Template – to be used for Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects.

For projects over £100,000, clients will need to complete a Business Case which can be found in each of the Compliance Tools.

Here you can also find the following documents which are required when a project completes or if you wish to request an interim payment:

  • Interim Payment Certificate – to be used when looking to request an interim/stage payment for a project.
  • Completion Certificate – to be used when a project completes to confirm the final project costs and detail any amendments which may have taken place on completion.