Eligible Technologies

In total, Salix supports over 100 technologies. A full list of these is shown below.

To download a PDF copy of the Salix technology list and persistence factors, please click here.

If you work for a public sector organisation and are looking for funding for an energy efficiency which is not listed below but you feel fits the Salix criteria for funding, we may be able to add this to our supported technology list. Guidance on our standard process for this can be found here.

For information on Salix financing and FiT/RHI, please visit our information page here.

Project Type Work type
Boilers Boilers - burner replacement
  Boilers - control system
  Boilers - replacement condensing
  Boilers - replacement combination
  Boilers - replacement modular
  Boilers - burner management
  Boilers - retrofit economiser
Building management systems BEMS - bureau remotely managed
  BEMS - not remotely managed
  BEMS - remotely managed
Combined heat & power Gas, Diesel, gasoil engine CHP
  Biomass CHP
  Gas Turbine
  CHP Private Wire Connection
Compressor Compressed Air: air compressor upgrade
Computers & IT solutions Network PC power management
  CRT to flat screen LCD
  Thin computers
  Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  Free Cooling for ICT
  Evaporative cooling for ICT
  Energy Efficient File Storage Replacement
  LED monitors instead of LCD (cost difference)
  CRT to LED monitors
  Hot aisle/cold aisle containment
  Multi Functional Devices
  Energy Efficient Server Replacement
Cooling Cooling - control system
  Cooling - plant replacement/upgrade
  Energy Efficient Chillers
  Free cooling
  Replacement of air conditioning with evaporative cooling
Hand Dryers Hand Dryers - replacement to more efficient type
Energy from waste Anaerobic digestion
Heating Connect to existing district heating via plate HE
  Direct electric heating to heat pump (air source)
  Direct electric heating to heat pump (ground source)
  Direct electric heating to heat pump (water source)
  Heat recovery
  Heating - direct fired system
  Heating - discrete controls
  Heating – distribution pipework improvements
  Oil to Gas - boiler fuel switching
  Replace steam calorifier with plate heat exchanger
  Thermal Stores
  Heating - TRVs
  Heating - zone control valves
  Steam trap replacements
Hot water Flow restrictors
  Hot Water - distribution improvements
  Hot Water - efficient taps
  Hot Water - point of use heaters
  Hot Water - chlorine dioxide dosing and biocide treatment
Industrial kitchen equipment Steriliser to dishwasher replacement
Insulation - building fabric Cavity wall insulation
  Double glazing with metal or plastic frames 
  Dry wall lining
  Loft insulation
  Retrofit single glazing units
  Roof insulation
  Secondary glazing
Insulation - draught proofing Insulation - draught proofing
Insulation - pipework Heating pipework insulation (internal)
  Heating pipework insulation (external)
Insulation - other Radiator reflective foil (external walls)
  Automatic/revolving doors
  Automatic speed doors
  Draught Lobby (internal)
  Draught Lobby (external)
  Air Curtains - heated
  Air Curtains - ambient
Lab Upgrades Energy Efficient Freezers (-25°C)
  Energy Efficient Freezers (-86°C)
  Energy efficient growth cabinets
  Diode pumped solid state lasers
  Fume Cupboards - VAV Controls + Inverter Drives
  Energy Efficient Drying Cabinets
  Fume Cupboards - Auto Sash Closing + PIR
  Energy Efficient Fume Cupboards
  Heat Recovery on Extract System
Lighting controls Lighting - discrete controls
  Lighting control system centralised
Lighting upgrades Electronic ballast with dimming control
  Replace halogen with HID metal halide
  HP Sodium including new fitting
  Compact Fluorescent including changing the fitting
  Compact Fluorescent using same fitting
  Induction Fluorescent including changing the fitting
  T5 lighting including changing the fitting
  T5 lighting retrofit using adaptors
  T8 lighting including changing the fitting
  T8 lighting retrofit using adaptors
  T12/T8 to CCFL including new fitting
  T12/T8 to CCFL using same fitting
LED lighting Halogen to LED including changing the fitting
  Halogen to LED using same fitting
  Flood lighting to LED including changing the fitting
  Compact Fluorescent to LED including new fitting
  Compact Fluorescent to LED using same fitting
  Incandescent to LED including new fitting
  Incandescent to LED using same fitting
  T12/T8 to LED including new fitting
  T12/T8 to LED using same fitting
Street lighting Fit centralised controls
  Non-illuminated bollards
  Replace control gear
  Replace luminaire incorporating electronic ballast
  Replace luminaire with LED
  Solar powered bollards
Traffic lights Replace with LED including new fitting
  Replace with LED using same fitting
Motor controls Fixed speed motor controls
  Variable speed drives
  Motors - flat belt drives
Motor replacement Motors - high efficiency
Office equipment Office equipment improvements for non-ICT
Renewable energy Biomass boilers
  Solar PV
  Solar Thermal
Swimming Swimming pool covers - manual
  Swimming pool covers - motorised
Time switches Time switches
Transformers Low loss (cost difference)
  Low loss
  Low loss+voltage management(cost difference)
  Low loss+voltage management
  Transformer tapping change
Ventilation Ventilation - distribution
  Fans - air handling unit
  Fans - high efficiency
  Phase change material 
  Ventilation - presence controls
  Ultrasonic humidifiers
Voltage management Voltage management - fixed ratio
  Voltage management - variable ratio


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