Salix Energy Efficiency Fund (SEEF)


Applications to Salix Energy Efficiency Fund are not currently open, please check back regularly for updates.

If you would like to register you interest in SEEF please contact to be added to our SEEF mailing list. 

Funding for Academies, MATs and Sixth Form Colleges

This year Salix have developed a new fund in partnership with the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) that focuses specifically on energy efficiency projects. The Salix Energy Efficiency Fund (SEEF) is available for all academies, including those in large Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) as well as sixth form colleges (SFC).

The fund is directed to those academies and SFCs that have energy efficiency projects that need capital to invest to save but may not meet the Condition Improvement Fund's (CIF) condition need criteria. This could include projects such as lighting or heating controls, LED lighting, insulation or boiler/heating system upgrades. These are just a few examples however please use the flow diagram below to see if your energy efficiency project could be eligible for SEEF.

You can apply for one SEEF bid per academy/SFC and this is in addition to the two CIF bids (for those eligible for CIF).

The main criteria for this fund is that the projects must pay for themselves within 8 years through their annual energy savings. If you have a project that doesn't quite meet the 8 year payback but you have some capital to put towards it e.g. you don't need a CIF loan or CIF grant funding then you can still apply for SEEF.

For an introduction to CIF, SEEF and Salix Finance, click here for content from our webinar explaining the funding schemes available to Academies, Sixth Form Collegues and Multi Academy Trusts. 

To help you decipher whether your project is eligible for either CIF or SEEF please use the flow diagram below.

Application Process for SEEF

If the flow diagram above has indicated that your project is eligible for SEEF then please follow the next steps in order to apply.

Step 1 - Download and complete the Application Form here

Step 2 - Download and complete the Salix Energy Savings Support Tool here

Step 3 - Attach the above documents to an email in Excel format along with any supporting information to show how your savings have been calculated and any technical specifications for the equipment you want to install

Step 4 - Send this email and your documents to before 3pm Friday 13th January 2017

Please Note - If your application is for over £100,000 please also complete the Salix Business Case that can be downloaded here and attach to your submission email along with your other application documents.


Deadlines for SEEF - Please note these are different to CIF

Webinar Salix hosted a webinar on Tuesday 15th November. To view the webinar content click here. 
Applications Open Applications can be submitted from October 2016, no applications will be assessed before the deadline in January
Submission Deadline Applications should be emailed to before 3pm Friday 13th January 2017
Notification Successful applicants will be notified in March 2017
Project Completion Projects will have 9 months to complete therefore they will need to be complete by December 2017

For further information on the loan, repayments, FAQs or how to complete your application please see the guidance in the Application Form or alternatively please email

The Schools and Academies Team includes:

Programme Manager
Simon Pettett 0203 102 6906
Programme Coordinator
Suad Omer 0203 102 6906
Alexandra Morgan 0203 102 6903
Client Support Officers
George Patrick 0203 102 6903
Jack Saunders 0203 102 6903


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