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Salix, in partnership with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), works to reduce energy usage in academies across England. Through the installation of energy efficient technologies, academies can lower energy bills and create a more comfortable learning environment.

Salix funds over 100 different technologies including: LED lighting, boilers and insulation. Installing new technologies should save you money and reduce your college’s carbon footprint.

Funding is available for:

  • Academy Schools
  • Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Free Schools
  • Academy Sixth Forms

Financing is in rounds with applications open once a year. Academies can access funding through two streams: the Salix Energy Efficiency Fund (SEEF) and the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).

Funding Streams for Academy Schools

SEEF – Salix provides interest-free funding through the SEEF programme to help modernise academies and save money. SEEF provides financing for academies with projects which are solely focused on energy efficiency. Applications open once a year and are made directly to Salix. The interest-free financing is repaid through predicted savings in energy usage.

For more information about SEEF please click here.

CIF – CIF is an annual bidding round for academies to apply for capital funding from the ESFA. If there is an energy saving aspect to the project, financing from Salix can be applied for as part of a CIF bid, this improves the value-for-money score (an assessment criterion of CIF funding). CIF opens for applications once a year - typically between October and December. Please note CIF is not open to large Multi-Academy Trusts.

For more information about CIF please click here.

How to choose which funding stream to apply for

Each academy is entitled to apply for one SEEF bid alongside up to 2 CIF bids. It is important to that these bids are not for the same project.

The flow chart below will help you decide whether to apply directly to Salix for SEEF funding or to the ESFA for CIF funding. 


For further information please see the webinar Salix hosted in November 2016 explaining CIF and SEEF here.

The Schools and Academy Team include:

Programme Manager
Simon Pettett 0203 102 6906 [email protected]
Programme Coordinator
Suad Omer 0203 714 5658 [email protected]
Claire Banham-Godfrey 0203 102 6906 [email protected]
Client Support Officer
Charles Pegg 0203 102 6903

[email protected]


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