NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts in England

Funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Salix have been working with Trusts and Foundation Trusts in England since 2007.

Salix is continuing to work with new and existing clients and is keen to work strategically with NHS organisations as they deliver on their sustainable development management plans and carbon reduction targets.

Salix can build long term relationships by agreeing funding for large scale, multi-million-pound projects that span over several financial years. 

Carbon and financial savings to date1
Number of projects 645
Loan value £114,034,945
Annual C02 tonnes 114,569
Annual savings £27,711,404
Lifetime savings £437,686,191

Salix funding can be used in conjunction with a variety of procurement frameworks and covers over 100 energy-efficient technologies including boilers, combined heat and power, LED and lighting upgrades, and heat recovery.

Funding for Salix's NHS programme must be repaid within 5 years and cost less than £191 to save one tonne of carbon over the lifetime of the technology being installed.

Feel free to download a Salix Compliance Tool and enter basic saving and cost information for your projects. The tool will automatically indicate if your project is compliant. To download a full copy of the application notes, please click here.

For background information on how Salix supports energy-saving projects please view an informational flyer here. There are also a number of project knowledge slides and case studies on projects recently completed in the NHS in our knowledge sharing section here.

You can approach Salix about your projects at any stage of development. Salix is able to review projects and reserve funding before a formal commitment in order to help with your internal approval process.

If you are ready to apply, please click on the link on the right-hand side and if you need any further information or would like to arrange a meeting with the Salix NHS team, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by using the expression of interest link or contact details below.

1Figures as of March 2020. 

The England NHS Team includes:

Programme Manager
Sameen Khan 0203 102 6910 [email protected]
Programme Coordinators
Nicolle Paisley 0203 714 5655 [email protected]
Nia Hodnett 0203 102 6910 [email protected]
Torran McNeill 0203 714 5655 [email protected]
Client Support Officers
Gbenga Adenaike   [email protected]
Rebecca Goodall   [email protected]