Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS)

Salix provides funding for schools and colleges to reduce energy costs through the installation of energy efficiency technologies.

The SEELS programme is funded by the Department for Education, and we are here to work with you to save money and modernise your organisation by funding energy efficiency improvements. The funding is provided via an interest-free loan which is paid back through the predicted savings on energy usage.


  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Salix Funds over 100 technologies that can help improve the learning environment for both staff and pupils.
  • No upfront cost - the interest-free loan is repaid with the predicted energy savings.
  • Salix have Secretary of State approval for all maintained schools and colleges to take up Salix loans –Schemes for Financing Schools.
  • The repayments are recycled to fund further projects in the public-sector.

Funding Criteria

The two main criteria for this fund are that the projects must pay for themselves within 8 years through their predicted annual energy savings; and that the project must not exceed a maximum cost of £200 per tonne of carbon dioxide saved (calculated using our compliance tool).

If you have a project that doesn't quite meet the 8-year payback but you have funding available from another source then you can apply for partial SEELS funding.

The SEELS Application Process

The SEELS programme is open for applications throughout the year.

Step 1 –  Sign up to our website

Step 2 –  Download and complete our easy to use Compliance Tool

Step 3 –  Complete our online Application Form, attaching the Compliance Tool and supporting information

Step 4 – An automated email is generated and sent to the authorising official to approve

Step 5 - Application is assessed and a decision is typically made within two weeks

Please note - if the application is over £100,000 we also require the applicant to complete the Salix Business Case and upload this along with your supporting information as part of your application.

For a detailed outline of the application steps please see the SEELS Application Flow Chart and detailed Application Notes.

We also ask that you have informed your local authority of your intention to take up a Salix loan, and that you can process direct debit repayments.

If you are ready to apply, please click here to be taken to our online application system.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at: [email protected] or 0203 102 6903.

Salix Schools Downloads

Guidance from DfE on Salix funding

How-To Apply for Salix Funding Guide

DfE Schools and Academies Procurement Resource

Switching to Low Energy Pilot

Highbury Primary School Case Study


The Schools and Academies Team includes:

Programme Manager
Simon Pettett 0203 102 6906 [email protected]
Programme Coordinators
Suad Omer 0203 714 5658 [email protected]
Claire Banham-Godfrey 0203 102 6906 [email protected]
Corinne Manion 0203 102 6903 [email protected]
Client Support Officer
Charles Pegg 0203 102 6903

Shaista Farooq 0203 102 6903 [email protected]


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