Switching to Low Energy Pilot

Salix provides an award winning comprehensive energy survey for maintained schools to reduce their energy costs to the lowest possible level. 

In partnership with the Department for Education and the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, Salix has launched the second phase of the SLE pilot following previous success. The aim of the survey is to provide a comprehensive energy survey to demonstrate how maintained schools can reduce their energy spend per pupil through energy efficiency projects and behavioural changes. 

Schools taking part will receive:

  • A comprehensive energy survey detailing all possible energy efficiency improvements suitable for the school to save money on their energy bills, including solar PV.
  • Advice on how to reduce energy consumption for the school through ‘no cost’ behavioural changes.
  • A document which advises the order in which to make improvements across the school and enough detailed information to procure against.
  • A financial model to show how the costs of carrying out the energy efficiency measures can be met with different funding sources, including the Salix interest-free loan.

To support schools wanting to lower their energy bills, the SLE survey will show schools how they can reduce their energy consumption to the lowest level possible using todays technologies. Installing energy efficient technologies is an effective way to reduce energy and maintenance bills, modernise schools and create a more comfortable learning environment for staff and pupils.

How does it work?

Our flyer explains how the Switching to Low Energy Pilot works.

Schools can use the Salix interest-free loan to fund the installation of these technologies which is repaid using the savings from the school’s energy bills, making it a cost neutral approach. Once the loan is repaid, the school will continue to benefit from substantial energy savings that can be used for other purposes. 

How to apply:

If you think your school could benefit from this comprehensive site survey and are interested in improving your school’s energy efficiency and reducing costs then please email schoolsapplication@salixfinance.co.uk.

We also have an expression of interest form to the right hand side which gives you an idea of the further information we will need before carrying out the onsite survey.

The latest interim report on Phase 1 of the Salix Schools: Switching to Low Energy is available upon request.

The Schools and Academies Team includes:

Programme Manager
Simon Pettett 0203 102 6906 simon.pettett@salixfinance.co.uk
Programme Coordinator
Suad Omer 0203 102 6906 suad.omer@salixfinance.co.uk
Alexandra Morgan  0203 102 6903 alex.morgan@salixfinance.co.uk
Client Support Officers
George Patrick 0203 102 6903 george.patrick@salixfinance.co.uk
Jack Saunders 0203 102 6903 jack.saunders@salixfinance.co.uk


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