New name for top Salix Energy and Carbon Experts

Submitted by ahmed.ali on Wed, 23/03/2022 - 20:02

Salix is delighted to announce that our in-house technical team is changing its name to the Energy & Carbon Technical Team to properly reflect its work.

The team, formerly known as simply the Technical Team, is key in helping guide the public sector through the decarbonisation process focusing on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions using low carbon power sources. 

The team is constantly reviewing technologies that will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses, produced largely by the burning of fossil fuels, into the atmosphere. If you’re a Salix client, you are likely to be speaking to a member of our Energy & Carbon Technical Team for guidance.

Our Energy & Carbon Technical Team is responsible for overseeing the due diligence of applications for low carbon technologies in the public sector. The team provides technical advice, project assessment and guidance for clients as well as providing technology reviews for client solutions to help them introduce more efficient buildings across their estate.

In the main, getting to zero net emissions requires shifting from fossil fuels to alternative low-carbon energy sources.

The Energy & Carbon Technical Team also assesses project applications, as well as overseeing the strategy and delivery plans for new scheme launches including their successful monitoring. 

Nick Painter is our interim director of strategy and technical services, and works with his team managers Ben Hartfield, Davide Natuzzi, Nia Hodnett and Bernard Lozowski.

The name change will take place with immediate effect.