Gateshead Council deliver over £2.3m in energy efficiency projects

Submitted by Salix on Wed, 13/02/2019 - 14:07

Gateshead Council has been working closely with Salix since 2009 using their original £650,000 recycling fund to finance over £2.3m in energy efficiency projects.

Using Salix funding, the council have been able to deliver 52 energy efficiency projects including pipework insulation, LED lighting, and Building Energy Management System (BEMS) installations.

These projects have helped Gateshead achieve and exceed their targeted 35% reduction in carbon emissions between 2009 and 2016, saving an estimated £542,000 and 2,594 tonnes* of CO2e a year.

Gateshead also applied for Salix one-off loans to fund larger scale projects such as the Gateshead International Stadium, highways lighting (including zebra crossings and parks) and several schools.

Gateshead Stadium is used for national and international athletics events and is the home of Gateshead Football Club. The stadium is also used by Gateshead College sports students, schools and the public, meaning building services are required to be high quality and flexible to meet the needs of users.

Derek Luke, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Gateshead Council said, “Although Gateshead International Stadium is an important part of our portfolio, the costs associated with consistent maintenance and modernisation outweighed the ever-reducing capital available to meet that need.  Salix was the ideal mechanism to plan and fund energy efficiency works that allowed the investment needed to bring this local and national asset up to date.

The project allowed inefficient services to be upgraded, ensuring a modern internal environment, saving money and mitigating the need to re-build. All the stadium’s internal lighting has been replaced with LED equivalents that are adjustable where necessary, reducing the strain on the stadium’s maintenance budget. Heating and ventilation has been upgraded in the sports hall to include significant recirculation of the treated air whilst automatically adjusting to higher summer temperatures as well as non-sports use. The BEMS has also been upgraded and optimised to achieve closer control and significant savings have been made in contrast to previous settings by controlling the heating pumps to avoiding excessive run times.

Gateshead aim to ensure the benefits of their energy efficiency work can be felt across their estate. To this end, they have worked with several schools through their recycling fund to significantly improve energy efficiency.

The council’s energy team identified over 13 projects across nine schools including upgrades to LED lighting, heating controls, insultation and BEMS optimisation. These projects have helped reduce carbon emissions, spend less on energy bills and improved the learning environment for staff and students.

One example is Dryden School, a special school supporting children aged 11-18 who have multiple learning difficulties as their primary area of need. Dryden used £78,000 to upgrade their heating systems, saving an estimated £241,000 over the lifetime of the project.

Christine Hewitson, School Business Manager at Dryden School said; “The local authority have been excellent, providing advice and giving general support. The lighting is brighter and there are fewer heating issues with our hydrotherapy pool, which allows the students and outside agencies to access the pool more often.

A case study for Gateshead Council and Dryden School can be found on the free knowledge share area of the Salix website alongside additional examples showcasing best practice.  

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*Calculated using emissions factors published by Government for carbon footprinting.

Figures correct as of January 2019.