Press Release: Sunderland City Council begin Phase Two of their £14m Street Lighting Programme

Submitted by Salix on Thu, 02/08/2018 - 14:08

For councils across the country, reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency is high on the agenda.

Street lighting presents a significant opportunity amongst local authorities as they look to make substantial financial savings and meet their carbon reduction targets. Prevalent technologies include replacing luminaires with LED’s and fitting centralised controls. Since the first street lighting application in 2008, Salix has supported  over 57 local authorities to deliver over £76 million of projects.

An excellent example is Sunderland City Council who are working with Salix to deliver their £14m street lighting programme, seeing approximately 48,000 lanterns across the City upgraded to energy efficient LEDs. The project represents one of the largest street lighting upgrades to LED in North-East England. Salix are supporting the project with £12m interest-free capital investment, contributing to 88% of the total project cost.

The project is split into two phases, with Phase 1 having been recently completed in February 2018. Phase 1 saw the substantial replacement of around 23,000 residential street lights in Sunderland with LED equivalents. The Council will realise savings in the order of £850,000 per annum as a result of this work. Phase 2 of their programme will see a further 24,000 of the higher wattage units converted to LEDs. Sunderland City Council is expected to realise  additional savings of over £1.5 million and COreductions of over 4,600 tonnes per annum once Phase 2 is completed.

Andrew Atkinson, Energy Manager at Sunderland City Council said, “Sunderland City Council are delighted to work with Salix Finance and our PFI partners Connect Roads and Aurora to deliver the LED Replacement Lighting Programme. We will be realising significant financial and environmental savings. There will be reduction in energy costs of approximately £2.5 million and 6,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum through the implementation of LED street lights. Further benefits include reduced maintenance costs and improved colour rendering. With an expected lifetime of 20 years this measure will save the Council and residents of Sunderland in excess of £30 million after deducting the cost of capital.”

Salix Finance is an independent, government-funded organisation, providing interest-free loans to public sector organisations to enable them to invest in energy efficient technologies, reducing their carbon emissions and energy bills. To date, Salix has financed £563m on over 15,500 energy efficiency projects for the public sector.

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