Salix Exemplar Schools Film

We are pleased to announce the launch of the corporate Salix exemplar schools film, in partnership with the Department for Education.

The exemplar school material includes:

  • One corporate exemplar school film
  • Four supporting visual insights into each of the schools
  • Eleven supporting case studies

2013 has seen the launch of The Salix Loans Scheme Programme, designed specifically to cater for maintained schools and academies in England. To promote this funding and encourage schools to apply, Salix launched a project with eleven schools who had made use of the capital. The case studies demonstrate how easy it was for schools to access the funds and how they went on to benefit from the savings made, giving them money to spend on other school resources.

Each of the eleven schools involved had a case study document produced on their unique Salix project. Four of these schools were also featured in a short corporate film, featuring both the headteachers and students from each of the schools. In addition, we have produced four shorter films which focus on the projects undertaken at each of the schools features in the corporate film.

The corporate film can be viewed below.

To view the four shorter films, check out the Salix YouTube channel.

The case studies are available on the ‘Case Studies’ page in the ‘Knowledge Share’ area of our website.

Salix would like to thank all eleven schools who took part in the project and the Department for Education for their continued support.

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