Salix named Financier of the Year 2016 and Company of the Year 2016

After a successful year of Salix delivering over £85 million energy efficiency projects in the public sector, the business world recognises Salix's contribution by voting to give two prestigious awards to Salix Finance.

The New Energy and Cleantech Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements of companies committed to the use of clean energy. These Awards, now in their ninth year, say Congratulations and Thank You to all the companies contributing to a greener planet. The Awards recognise the best in the industry and the judges had a tough job selecting the winners from the range of companies, all doing a great job. For a full list of nominations and winners, please click here.

Salix were nominated with a host of other excellent companies for Financier of the Year for their new project, Salix Schools - Switching to Low Energy. This projects enables schools to drive down their energy costs by switching to new tenergy efficient technologies. Schools can then reinvest their energy savings in front line services. Through doing this the environment our children are educated in improves, due to improved lighting and heating. The Salix Schools - Switching to Low Energy project means that everyone wins and Salix will continue to offer every school in the country the opportunity to be an energy champion. 

All the 2016 winners of each category are considered by the judges and they then select the Company of the Year - a winners from all the winners - Salix Finance.

Annie Shepperd, Chief Executive, "Winning these awards is a testament to the sheer energy, talent and enthusiasm of everyone who works for Salix. It's a great team of people dedicated to energy efficiency."

Teresa Graham, Chair of the Salix Board, "I am very proud of Salix's achievements and the way our staff work with all our customers. A big thank you to the New Energy and Cleantech Awards team - Salix Finance are worthy winners and our plans to expand and grow over the next five years will demonstrate that they made the right choice in 2016." 

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