The University of Strathclyde saves 2,300 tonnes of carbon with a Salix Recycling Fund

Funded by the Scottish Government, the Salix Scotland Recycling Fund is available to all local authorities and universities in Scotland aiming for long-term investment in energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions.  For more information or to make an application, please click here.

The Recycling Fund allows the public sector to double their capital in a long-term ring-fenced fund supporting over 120 energy efficiency technologies, to help clients reduce their carbon emissions and energy bills.  As an example of this, The University of Strathclyde set up a ring fenced Recycling Fund in 2008, with a total fund size of £750,000 for financing energy efficiency projects, contributing to their aims to reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2020 (compared to a 2010 baseline).

Over the past 8 years the University of Strathclyde has completed 28 projects. These energy efficiency measures now save the university over £500,250 in energy bills and the equivalent of over 2,300 tonnes of CO2* emissions each year.  In the 2015/16 financial year alone, Strathclyde University spent nearly £400,000 which was the third best use of funds (as percent of potential spend) of all Recycling Funds across the United Kingdom.

Projects undertaken by the University of Strathclyde include pipework insulation improvements, boiler replacements and lighting upgrades. In the past two years Strathclyde has completed two large fume cupboard projects which save over 500 tCO2 and £120,000 annually. You can read about these in our Knowledge Share sections Project Knowledge Slides

These projects provide numerous other benefits along with savings on energy bills and lowering carbon pollution. Boiler, lighting and insulation projects have continued to improve the learning environment for both students and staff, whilst these newer technologies also have greater life expectancies. Students are also finding sustainability a continually more important factor in their choice of universities.

Currently Salix Finance can provide new Recycling Funds for Scottish local authorities and universities. For more information or to apply please contact

*Calculated using emissions factors published by government for carbon footprinting. 

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