Salix exhibiting at NALC’s making local economic growth work conference

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The conference will be taking place on Wednesday 13 December in London.

The National Association of Local Councils’ (NALC) 'making local economic growth work' conference and exhibition is an event for councillors, council officers and county association members to join with other areas within the public sector (including government and principle authorities), the private sector and the voluntary sector. At the conference these stakeholders will discuss key policy issues around local economic development and growth.

Important themes for the day will concentrate around local economic development, community led housing and planning, accessing funds and grants, and the wellbeing of communities. The conference focuses on what local councils can do to create dynamic environments that encourage local economic growth to thrive and succeed.

More information about the event can be found here.

If you are attending the conference and would like to have a meeting with Salix to discuss any energy efficiency projects, please contact [email protected] to arrange the best time.

Case Study Example – Grendon Parish Council

Grendon Parish Council in Northamptonshire applied to Salix for an interest-free loan to part finance the replacement of the council’s street lighting stock. The council had the aim of modernising its street lighting lanterns to light emitting diodes (LED), which would reduce the council’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Grendon used an interest-free loan of £4,800 to part finance a £9,500 programme to upgrade 34 street lights with energy efficient LED lanterns. Grendon now benefits from a 9,431 kWh reduction in its annual electricity usage, saving the council £970 and 4.24 tonnes of CO2e* per annum. 

The project has also benefited the parish residents by providing improved lighting to its footpaths. 

“I would urge any other parish councils who are looking into financing the upgrading of street lighting to certainly consider Salix Finance as a source of appropriate funding.” Ian Denton, Chairman of Grendon Parish Council

How Salix can help your parish council

  • Interest-free finance for energy efficiency
  • Dedicated support officer to guide you through the process
  • Ability to part finance projects
  • Different projects can be combined into one application with an overall payback, allowing the council to benefit from a more holistic approach
  • Salix Knowledge Share is available online, sharing best practices through case studies and project knowledge slides
  • Technical checks on all energy efficiency applications

*Calculated using emissions factors published by the Government in 2016 for carbon footprinting purposes.

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