New Inn Primary School in Torfaen County Borough Council used Salix interest-free funding of £29,060 to replace their lighting

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New Inn was the first Primary School in Torfaen to receive Salix interest-free funding. There was a need to replace their dated, existing lighting throughout the school with more efficient T5 lighting. The difference in the lighting levels has made a considerable difference to the learning environment for both staff and pupils.

“We were able to implement the new lighting replacement project without any capital investment, due to Salix funding. This meant that the project had a huge impact, with almost all lighting being changed during school holidays. Without this opportunity it would have taken several years to replace the amount of lights that we did. The difference in lighting levels is considerable and has made such a difference to the learning environment. The school is significantly lighter and brighter and for weeks after the project was completed, we continued to receive comments from visitors who couldn’t believe the difference in lighting levels.” Kate Pendergast, Head Teacher, New Inn Primary School

Pupils at the school monitor the school’s energy use and set targets for its reduction through measures such as switching lights off more regularly and buying energy saving lightbulbs. This is a whole school initiative involving pupils and teachers and has been an effective way to encourage co-operation and teamwork, as well as saving energy and money for the school and making the school more energy aware. The School’s Energy Finance Officer at the Council conducts a regular energy walk around at a number of schools to identify opportunities where inefficient lighting can benefit from an upgrade.

With funding from the Welsh Government, Salix Finance SEELS (Salix energy efficiency loan scheme) loans have been used by over 40 different Welsh public sector bodies since 2009.

More than £24 million has been invested by our clients in Welsh energy efficiency projects which, over their lifetime, are forecasted to save approximately £75 million.

This programme builds upon the previous work of Salix and the Invest to Save - Green Growth Finance Schemes.  

The Welsh Government has recently made an increased level of finance available to create The Wales Funding Programme, which combines both the Salix Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme (SEELS) and the Invest to Save-Green Growth finance products into one application process*.

A case study on New Inn Primary can be found in Welsh here and in English here.

Other case study examples can be found on the free knowledge share area on the Salix website.

* Terms and conditions have now been aligned and use one single application form.