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Those who are familiar with the current Salix application process will be aware of the tools available through the knowledge share area of the website, which support clients in making detailed applications for interest-free energy efficiency finance.

We have recently simplified the application process by introducing several changes to supporting documentation, downloads of which are available from the website here.

New application process

All new applications for funding require a project compliance tool which allows clients to check that their projects meet the Salix compliancy criteria for their respective loan’s programmes. For projects valued over £100,000, you will also need to complete a business case.

Compliance tools

There are three compliance tools available to download:

  • The standard compliance tool and business case has been combined into one document to ensure the application process is more streamlined and both the SEELS (Salix Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme) and the Recycling Fund tools have been combined into this one tool.
  • There is a separate compliance and business case tool for any Street Lighting projects. This is so that projects phased over multiple financial years can be more easily entered.
  • There is a separate compliance and business case tool for any CHP (Combined Heat and Power) projects.

Carbon criteria

  • New carbon factors have been included in the compliance and business case tool.
  • The carbon criteria have been updated to reflect de-carbonisation of the grid.

Salix application process

Step 1 – Upload compliance tool 

Step 2 – Complete business case if your project is over £100k (defined in the tool in Step 1)

Step 3 – Upload supporting information such as calculations, technical specifications or evidence of project costs.

Updated technology list

In addition to these new updates, we have also reviewed the Salix technology list. You can find an updated version here.

We have added several new technologies, including small hydropower, energy-efficient ovens and energy-efficient x-ray generators. In addition, the persistence factor for energy-efficient freezers has been extended, meaning that these projects are more likely to be compliant and may potentially allow clients to receive a greater loan amount.

These new technologies expand on traditional energy-efficient measures and renewable technologies so that customers can have certainty that a potential project is feasible to generate savings.


Combi-ovens use a combination of steam cooking and dry heat cooking. They can save significant amounts of energy when the ability to control heat and humidity simultaneously enables more rapid and efficient ‘on-demand’ batch cooking. Other features (such as heat recovery from exhaust fans) can increase the overall efficiency of the oven.

Convection ovens

Convection ovens produce dry heat that is circulated using convection fans to ensure even cooking across each shelf. These can be expected to have lower maintenance requirements in comparison to combi-ovens.

Example scenarios in which the benefits of replacing cooking equipment may yield energy savings:

  • Capacity of existing equipment poorly matched to food output requirements (i.e. equipment over-sized), such as when an oven is regularly operated half empty
  • Where the oven features a triple-glazed viewing door this can save 40% of energy in comparison to older oven units with a single-glazed door.

Small hydropower

Small hydropower is typically installed in rivers with a close connection to an energy consumer. Therefore, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and Universities that are situated nearby could generate renewable energy from this source. However, items to note are providing safeguards for river wildlife, gaining permission of the landowner and scoping flow/layout of the river for feasibility of this technology.

Salix encourage innovation and welcome any information you may have about emerging energy efficient technologies that aren’t currently on our list.

For further information or assistance when utilising these new tools, please contact [email protected] and a member of the team will be happy to support

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