Maintained Schools in Wales save more than £1.2 million per annum on energy bills

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Maintained Schools in Wales save more than £1.2 million per annum on energy bills

Improving the energy efficiency of your school can enhance facilities for staff and pupils, reduce running costs and help to lower carbon emissions. Since 2009, maintained schools in Wales have been accessing interest-free finance towards carbon reduction projects through the Wales Funding Programme.

What is the Wales Funding Programme?

Through the Wales Funding Programme Salix provides 100% interest-free loans across the Welsh public sector, allowing organisations to undertake energy efficiency upgrades. Loan repayment values are based on the predicted savings on energy usage. Once the project is fully paid back these savings can be used to improve other areas of your estate or invest in further resources.

What are the benefits of energy efficiency projects for my school?

Reducing energy consumption across your school’s estate by installing energy-efficient technologies can help to lower overall energy costs and provide a more comfortable working and learning environment for both pupils and staff.

To date, and in partnership with the Welsh Government, Salix has funded energy efficiency improvements in over 400 maintained schools. In total, this has saved the schools an estimated £1.2 million on their annual energy bills and over 5,700 tonnes of CO2 each year1.

In addition to energy savings, capital saved on energy bills can be re-invested in further energy efficiency projects or resources, providing ongoing benefits to the school. Projects such as heating, lighting and solar PV installations are often used by schools as a unique learning tool to teach students about energy efficiency and renewable energy. Reducing energy consumption also lowers the burning of fossil fuels, the predominant source of energy provided by the National Grid. In turn, this also decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Popular technologies that have been implemented in schools across Wales include solar PV, LED lighting, swimming pool covers and more. Salix have over 100 different energy efficient technologies available. Case study examples of energy efficiency projects undertaken by several schools can be found on the free Salix knowledge share area

Salix funding is accessed through our simple application process. For more information or questions on how to apply, please click here or email the team at [email protected].

  1.  Figures as of September 2019.