Delivering the Phase 2 Low Carbon Skills Fund

This page provides information to help public sector bodies that have received funding through Phase 2 Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF) to deliver and complete their project.  

You will find key documents and dates, as well as information about webinars, slides and videos.  

Key dates  

Heat Decarbonisation Plans (HDPs) funded through Phase 2 LCSF must be provided to Salix Finance by Thursday 31 March. Your HDP must be received before your final payment request can be processed. 

Payments timetable
Please submit HDP as soon as it is approved. Salix Finance will then issue a Completion Statement, which must be submitted with, or before, the final payment request.

Date of final payment request  Funds paid to your account
Monday 28 March  Wednesday 20 April
Thursday 14 April Wednesday 25 May







Additional documentation will be added here soon.  

Heat Decarbonisation Plans (HDP) 

This checklist forms part of the completion statement and is based on the HDP guidance.

Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HDP) Quality Assurance

The HDP quality assurance checklist is based on the scheme’s HDP guidance. 

This checklist is included within the Phase 2 LCSF completion statement.  This will be provided to your Authorising Official once Salix Finance has received your HDP.

Quality assurance checklist:

  • Introduction, Policy and Context
  • Human and Financial Resources available and required                                                               
  • Current energy and heating technologies and when they need to be replaced           
  • Previous energy saving and heating projects                                                                                      
  • Low carbon heating opportunities and requirements for electrical load capacity            
  • Supporting information such as DEC’s, energy and maintenance costs, age of buildings, target emissions savings
  • Key challenges such as listed buildings and resources                                                    
  • How the plan could be implemented           
  • How the plan was approved                                                                       


Salix Finance organised a series of webinars to help clients complete their projects. 

    Webinar slides from 2 February 2022 are available here

    Video support / other support 

    Salix Finance has produced a series of videos to help clients understand 

    • Quality Assurance for HDP 
    • How to forecast and request a payment
    • The project completion process 

    Guidance video on quality assuring the HDP

    Guidance video on payment forecasting

    Guidance video on understanding grant conditions and the completions process

    Guidance video on the payment process