Information for Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers

This area of our website is dedicated to supporting consultants, contractors and suppliers.

Consultants, contractors and suppliers have the potential to work with the public sector to help them develop and deliver Salix funded projects.

The following questions and answers cover the most frequently asked enquiries of non-public sector organisations.

In addition to the material below, if you feel it would be beneficial to talk to Salix to understand our programmes better or how you can be involved, please contact us by emailing [email protected] 

Press and media enquiries

For any press or marketing related queries, please contact [email protected] or call 020 3102 6902. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make an application for funding on behalf of a public sector organisation?

For applications in England: yes, you can support an organisation by completing the relevant documents for their application and submitting these to Salix. The application however must be fully approved by an individual at the public sector body who is able to authorise the grant application.

For applications in Scotland: please contact the Scotland Team at [email protected]

Q. Does Salix have an approved list of contractors or suppliers?

Salix has an approved technology list and invites clients to use whichever supplier they wish provided their product is part of this list. Salix does not, however, have an approved list of suppliers. Clients are expected to follow their own public sector organisation's correct procedures for procurement and internal sign-off. Clients can look for contractors and suppliers through the BEIS Energy Technology List.

Q. Can Salix recommend my product/services to other public sector bodies?

Salix does not recommend specific products or services to public sector organisations, nor does it work in partnership or association with suppliers, consultants or contractors.

Q. Can I use Salix branding on our website or literature to promote Salix funding?

Please contact [email protected] for queries about using Salix branding. We launched our new brand in April 2020, including a new Salix logo. Any suppliers or contractors that feature the old Salix logo on their website will need to update this to the new version. Please contact us at the email address above to request the new logo and for any advice on implementing our new brand.

Please note, we do not endorse any wording that implies that Salix is working 'in partnership with' or 'in association with' third parties or recommends the services of the associated organisation. Until we have had a conversation with the supplier and agreed branding permissions, suppliers should not automatically place Salix branding on their websites or other materials without prior consent.

Please note, the Salix name and logo are unregistered marks that are legally protected from unauthorised use. In the event of unauthorised use, we would seek to exercise our rights and protections against any infringing party, including pursuing injunctive relief and associated costs if necessary.

Q. Does Salix support online advertising from consultants, suppliers or contractors?

No, Salix does not support the use of advertising using the Salix name. Salix does not condone the use of the Salix name for Google ads or advertisements and asks that people get in contact if they see evidence of this.

If you wish to reference Salix in a press release or any other marketing material, including online advertising, we request that you contact our marketing department. Salix can offer guidelines in producing written content. To request a high quality version of the Salix logo please contact [email protected] for further details.

Q. Can Salix ring-fence funding for specific consultants/suppliers to use for energy efficiency projects?

Salix does not ring fence any of its funding for use by specific consultants or suppliers. Funding is available for all public sector organisations and their supporting partners.


Updated November 2021