Kent County Council School Solar Project

Submitted by Salix on Thu, 10/01/2019 - 13:42

Northfleet School for Girls has completed one of the largest Solar project of its kind for a school within the UK.

The foundation school within Kent County Council has installed 681 solar PV panels at 180kWp across the school’s roof, as part of the school’s ambitious plans to significantly reduce energy costs.

The solar project is projected to save the school £17,000 as well reduce carbon emissions by 100 tonnes annually, which builds on the school’s previous project, which saw all lighting converted to LED.

The solar PV arrays was installed over the school holidays to provide minimum disruption to the learning and working environments of the students and teachers. The projects has proved to be an inspiration to students, particularly the eco-team, as a first-hand example of an environmental strategy in action. During classes pupils are able to monitor the performance of the solar panels through an IT portal, and this is being incorporated as part of the curriculum in science and technology, business and maths.

Northfleet School’s Head Teacher, Chris Norwood, says: “Developing a more environmental school through investing in LED technology and solar power has been a great project that will really benefit the school.

Not only are we able to direct more funds from running the building to student support, but we are also able to model positive environmental practice to our students and staff. I hope more schools are able to invest in such a way.”

The project was funded by Salix Finance in partnership with Kent County Council. For more information on how your school can benefit from energy efficiency and renewable energy projects please email [email protected]

To watch the Kent Environment Strategy video on Northfleet School for Girls video, please click here.