A Year in Review for Street Lighting

Public sector organisations across the UK continue to drive positive change within their communities, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions in response to the ever-increasing climate emergency.  

Salix has continued to support and work with clients to receive street lighting applications, showcasing the excellent progress made through LED conversions across the UK, saving local authorities money and lowering carbon emissions on a substantial scale.  

A successful 19/20 

Over the last financial year, Salix worked with 47 local authorities, ranging from larger County and City Councils undertaking multi-million-pound street lighting installations to smaller Parish and Town Councils. Combined, the projects achieved estimated savings of over £6m and 18,000 tonnes of carbon per annum.  

To date, Salix has supported local authorities in achieving estimated savings of over 165,000 tonnes of carbon and £51m per year through street lighting projects. Over the lifetime of the technologies, this would equate to estimated savings of over £963m to the public purse. 


Map showing the regional spread and number of LED street lighting projects in England, funded by Salix to date.  

Savings achieved in Lancashire and Maidwell with Draughton

One example of an organisation leading the way in environmental sustainability is Lancashire County Council. 

In March 2020, the Council completed the first phase (£4.9M) of their £8.9m large-scale street lighting project. Salix funded 100% of the total project cost, supporting the Council in achieving expected annual savings of around £1.8m and 3,450 tonnes of carbon. This equates to an impressive £36m and 69,000 tonnes of carbon across the lifetime of the technology. 

Martin Dunwell, Countywide Services Manager for Lancashire, said: “The first phase of the LED replacement project in Lancashire has been a brilliant success and has enabled us to install in the region of 20,200 lanterns. Phase 2 is now underway and by the time it is completed in March 2021, we expect to have installed a further 16,000 lanterns.  

“It is anticipated that overall, the scheme will have enabled the County Council to reduce its energy consumption by almost 38%. The Salix funding of the project has allowed green investment during a time of financial constraint and enabled the Council to achieve long-term savings and energy reductions.”  

As well as larger City and County Council’s, Parish and Town Councils are working hard to make a substantial difference.  

In 2019, Maidwell with Draughton Parish Council in Northamptonshire replaced 22 lanterns across their estate with more modern, energy-efficient LEDs. Salix provided £4,093 of funding towards the project helping the council achieve savings of £856 and 1.07 tonnes of carbon per year, and £17,121 over the lifetime of the technology. 

Anne Cowan, Parish clerk for Maidwell with Draughton, said: “The Parish Council were keen to make savings and help the environment by converting to LED street lamps. After finding out that Salix provided interest-free loans (and successfully achieving Borrowing Approval) we realised we could carry out the project sooner rather than later. Salix were very supportive throughout the application process. We're so pleased to have taken out the loan and are now enjoying the benefit of lower energy costs and efficiency.”    

Get in touch 

Salix is continuing to work with clients to receive new street lighting applications and are keen to work with organisations as they develop and deliver their carbon management plans. 

Further information about the street lighting programme can be found here.  

Information regarding Parish and Town Councils can be found here.