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The Wales Funding Programme

Technologies used:

Lighting controls



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Local authority

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Project Value

Working with Salix

New Inn Primary School in Torfaen County Borough Council used Salix interest-free funding of £29,060 through the Council’s Recycling Fund for Wales to replace its existing lighting and install PIR sensors to control the lighting consumption.

The primary school, which has been an Eco Platinum school since 2008 and is committed to energy efficiency, was the first to receive Salix interest-free funding. 

There was a need to replace its dated, existing lighting throughout the school with more efficient T5 lighting. The difference in the lighting levels has made a considerable difference to the learning environment for both staff and pupils.

Kate Pendergast new inn headteacher

Without this opportunity it would have taken several years to replace the amount of lights that we did. The difference in lighting levels is considerable and has made such a difference to the learning environment.

Kate Pendergast Head Teacher New Inn Primary School

Technical overview

  • 350 fittings upgraded to T5
  • Existing fittings had an average wattage of 100 W
  • Proposed T5 fittings have an average of 63 W
  • Electricity price 10.50 p/kWh
  • 55,577 kWh savings 

New Inn's green focus

  • The school’s Eco team helps the school meet its requirements of the Eco School’s programme. The programme is a learning resource which includes topics such as litter, waste minimisation, transport, healthy living, energy, water, school grounds and global citizenship.
  • The Eco Team monitor recycling and energy as well as identifying areas where they can reduce the school’s environmental impact.
  • Some of the Eco Team’s work has included recycling paper and plastic throughout the school, taking part in a Green Week and writing their own eco code.
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