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Working with Salix

West Monmouth School in Torfaen County Borough Council, Wales used Salix interest-free funding of £84,385 through the Council’s Recycling Fund to replace its existing lighting to T5 and install PIR sensors to control the lighting consumption. 

The funding provided meant that the School was able to repay an interest–free loan over several years and still make a 25% saving on lighting costs each year until the loan is paid off. Once the loan is repaid, the school will save an estimated £20,000 per year.

With the help of Salix and the support of Torfaen Council we have been able to replace the lighting throughout the school. The benefit to the school environment is considerable and lighting levels around all areas of the school are much improved.

Gareth Whitcombe Head Teacher West Monmouth School

The school's green focus

  • An Energy Finance Officer from the Council conducts a regular walk around a number of schools, including West Monmouth to identify areas where the school can benefit from being more energy efficient.
  • Staff and pupils at the school were involved in the project from start to finish, educating them about the technology and the impact this has on carbon reduction.
  • The Council has a 50-50 matched ring-fenced pot with Salix, allowing the School to continuously invest in more efficient upgrades to other areas across the school for years to come.

Technical Breakdown

  • 850 fittings upgraded to T5
  • Existing fittings had an average wattage of 123 W
  • Proposed T5 fittings have an average of 66 W
  • Electricity price 10.50 p/kWh
  • 194,600 kWh savings
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