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Fans - air handling unit, LED lighting, Moter controls - Variable speed drives



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Higher education institution

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Project Overview

Robert Gordon University (RGU) has implemented a range of carbon reduction upgrades across several of its buildings including RGU Sport and Aberdeen Business School, Scotland. Measures included refurbishing air handling units (AHU), upgrading car park lighting to LED, and installing variable speed drives (VSDs) to pumps servicing the campus

The projects provide a way of retrofitting existing technologies with more efficient replacements to realise significant energy savings and reduce the university's environmental impact.


Technical breakdown

The AHU at Aberdeen Business School manages the building's temperature more efficiently meaning less energy is required to maintain a constant operating level.

Car park lighting stays on for prolonged periods so they were upgraded to LED lighting across the university, resulting in more consistent and brightly lit areas creating a securer environment in winter for staff and students and bringing significant money and efficiency savings.

VSDs were installed at The Isobel Gordon Building and at RGU Sport, which will reduce the amount of energy expended by allowing the heating and cooling system’s fan speed to be regulated.

To track the savings the university installed several sub-meters across the estate and introduced specialist monitoring software.

Student engagement

RGU offers several courses which centre on sustainability with modules on topics such as net zero. It is hoped that by 2023 more than 60 per cent of RGU’s courses will incorporate net-zero increasing to 100 per cent by 2025.

New environmental courses at the university include an MBA in sustainability and energy transitions, gas and renewable energy law and an online course in sustainable development.

August 2022

*tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, calculated using Green Book emissions factors for electricity published by the government.

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