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Scottish Funding Council schemes

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Building Energy Management System (BEMS), LED lighting



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Higher education institution

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To better control its heating systems, the university upgraded its Building Management System infrastructure that was reaching its end of life at the Paisley Campus in Scotland.

This tool ensures indoor and outdoor temperature settings are set to economy to increase savings. The buildings connected to the controls have been re-commissioned to maximise energy savings, ensuring temperature readings are taken on an individual room basis ensuring demand is accurately measured.

Furthermore, the upgrade ensures the estates team can efficiently control their gas and electricity consumption.

Leveraging LED

Following this, the university switched its energy sapping lighting for ultra-efficient LEDs in its Paisley Campus library, engineering workshop and external floodlights.

These buildings were targeted as lights are in use for long hours and the upgrade will result in greater savings. Controls have also been incorporated into the project with lights turning off in areas that are not in use, further reducing consumption.

LED lighting is relatively inexpensive, quick to install and is an effective solution to improve energy efficiency, producing significant carbon and financial savings.

August 2022

*tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, calculated using Green Book emissions factors for electricity published by the government.

“UWS welcomed the opportunity to work with Salix Finance to upgrade our building management system infrastructure at our Paisley campus, as well as upgrading our lighting to ultra-efficient LEDs in various areas of the campus.

Dr Gillian Thomson Head of Projects University of the West of Scotland

People led and people focused 

Staff and students were included and informed throughout the project through the UWS's Sustainability Annual Report which details carbon savings and impact.

In addition, good news stories impacting positively on the UWS carbon footprint were promoted through the Green Impact newsletter, staff e-bulletins and social media.

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