Leisure and Culture Trusts

Funding is currently available for projects. Please get in touch with the Scotland Programme to discuss your project plans.

In partnership with the Scottish Government, Salix can provide 100% interest-free funding for the delivery of energy efficiency projects in ALEOs with publicly owned estates or where the local authority is responsible for the payment of energy bills.

Due to the energy intensive demands of leisure trusts and net zero government targets, Salix are committed to supporting the culture and leisure sector in the decarbonisation of their estates and the reduction of energy and maintenance costs. Salix funding can be used in conjunction with over 100 eligible technologies, from LED lighting upgrades to solar panels, resulting in benefits such as a more comfortable and functional environment. Project costs are match funded by Salix, allowing a holistic approach to estates management and increasing the value and scope of investment.

Salix funding is repaid through energy savings, following project installation. For example, an LED project costing a total of £60,000 and saving £10,000 per annum due to improved energy efficiency, would take 6 years to pay back. Salix could offer up to £30,000 towards the project, with the client funding the remaining £30,000.

Click here to see how Edinburgh Leisure and Glasgow Life were able to use Salix funding to improve facilities and benefit their community.

Project Criteria

In Scotland, all new loans must meet a 10-year payback at a maximum cost of £278 per tonne of CO2 saved over the lifetime of the project. To download full application notes for the Scottish SEELS Loan Programme, please click here.

Salix is currently setting up new Recycling Funds with local authorities in Scotland, for further information please visit the Scotland Recycling Fund page.


  • All new clients will be assigned a dedicated Salix contact.
  • Technical support and expertise during project assessment and development.
  • Access to the Salix Knowledge Share Area, including examples of best practice, case studies and project knowledge slides.

The Scotland team includes:

Programme Manager
Heather Jones 0204 542 9092 [email protected]
Programme Coordinator
Christopher Masters 0204 542 9092 [email protected]
Client Support Officer
Lillian Harrison 0204 542 9092 [email protected]