Universities Financial Transactions Programme (UFTP) 

Salix is delighted to announce we will be supporting the Scottish Funding Councils University Financial Transactions Programme 2021-22 (UFTP). The programme will provide low-interest loans totalling up to £32.8 million to support university capital investments made in response to the climate emergency. The programme aims to significantly reduce the Scottish university sector’s carbon footprint. Institutions are encouraged to submit proposals that would showcase innovation and sustainability.  

All funding awarded is to be directed towards climate emergency projects, which meet one or more of the criteria and deliver the outcomes summarised below. 

Salix is available to support clients with the development of projects and will be contacting each institution directly to discuss potential opportunities to apply for funding. The application form will be released in the coming weeks along with guidance on how to apply. In the meantime, should you wish to speak to a member of the Scotland team please email [email protected]


  • Capital projects that are part of a university estate’s strategic response to the climate emergency. 

  • Priority will be given to projects which offer the greatest carbon savings in returns for the funding. There is no set/qualifying/minimum carbon payback metric (i.e. £ per TCO2), but as a minimum each project will be expected to quantify the planned direct environmental benefits from the funding requested.  

  • Collaboration with other organisations is encouraged, for example around shared facilities or buildings, and/or the university acting as a civic anchor for city-wide projects. 

Project outcomes should - 

  • Advance the university’s carbon management/net zero plan. 

  • Be consistent with national energy strategies/pathways to net zero set out by the Scottish Government (e.g. phasing out of gas). 

  • Make a contribution to other related (non-carbon) issues of sustainability (biodiversity, communities, quality education, social and mental health). 

  • Help deliver local heat and energy efficiency strategies (LHEES) where possible. 

  • Demonstrate leverage of other sources of funding to support these wider outcomes where possible. 

  • Each application is expected to quantify the environmental benefits of the project to be funded.  


The applications will be assessed in November to allow for the funding to be fully allocated by the end of the year. The official deadline for applications will be confirmed on release of the application form. 


As part of the Scottish Green Public Sector Estate Decarbonisation Scheme Salix will continue to offer funding to eligible public bodies in Scotland via the existing Scottish Public Sector Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme.

This loan scheme offers zero interest loans to the public sector to enable them to undertake spend to save retrofit energy efficiency improvement projects to help them towards achieving net zero carbon in their estates.

The available funding allows Salix to offer up to 75% of the total compliant project value along with increased pay back criteria (subject to technical review and due diligence).

Applications and expressions of interest are welcome now. 

Funded by the Scottish Government, we have been working with the public sector in Scotland since 2006. Our clients have invested over £45 million in energy efficiency projects in Scotland to date, which is forecasted to save the public sector more than £129 million over the lifetime of the projects. For a summary of our work in Scotland, click here.

We can offer loans to all of the Scottish public sector which are subject to the Public Bodies Duties in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. This includes 32 local authorities, universities, and some non-departmental public bodies.

We are continuing to work with clients to receive new applications and are keen to work with organisations as they develop and deliver on their carbon management plans. We are looking to build long term relationships in Scotland and are available for meetings on request.

Project criteria in Scotland are up to a 10 year payback at a cost of £278 per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project on all new loan agreements. To download the full application notes for the Scottish SEELS Loan Programme, please click here.

If you are ready to apply, please click on the link on the right hand side and if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Salix is currently setting up new Recycling Funds with local authorities in Scotland, for further information please visit the Scotland Recycling Fund page.

Salix can also be used to finance retrofit programmes from the Non Domestic Energy Efficiency framework (NDEE).

The SEELS Scotland team includes:

Programme Manager
Heather Jones 0204 542 9092 [email protected]
Programme Coordinator
Christopher Masters 0204 542 9092 [email protected]
Client Support Officer
Natalie Hobbs 0204 542 9092 [email protected]