Funding available to Scottish organisations for energy efficiency projects

Submitted by Salix on Mon, 18/02/2019 - 10:09

In 2018, Salix, with support from the Scottish Government, launched £8.5m in funding for public sector organisations to invest in energy efficiency projects. The fund forms part of a wider Scottish Government strategy to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions within the sector, following an announcement that Scotland are making energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority.

The fund aims to provide public sector organisations with the capital to install new technologies and upgrade existing systems improving their overall energy efficiency.

All public sector bodies which are subject to the Public Bodies Duties in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 are welcome to apply. This includes local authorities, universities and some non-departmental public bodies.

Applicants can choose between a one-off loan or demonstrate a long-term commitment to energy efficiency by utilising the Salix Recycling fund. More information about Recycling Funds can be found here.

Salix funding can also be used to finance retrofit programmes alongside the Scottish Governments  Non Domestic Energy Efficiency Framework (NDEE), more information for which can be found here.

To date, Salix has worked with the public sector in Scotland to invest over £51million in energy efficiency projects, saving an estimated £146million over the lifetime of the projects.

Case Study – North Ayrshire Council

Utilising the Scottish Governments Non-Domestic Energy Efficiency Framework, North Ayrshire Council were able to improve energy efficiency and modernise facilities across their estate in several schools and community centres.

The council applied for a loan to invest in a range of energy efficiency technologies worth almost £1 million across 14 different sites. The improvements were made possible due to £500,000 match funding from Salix. Technologies included LED lighting, Solar PV, VSDs, time switches and heating controls.

The council is set to save around £95,000 on its energy bills whilst reducing carbon emissions by approximately 336 tonnes CO2e a year. As well as the financial and environmental benefits, the upgrades will make the council owned buildings more comfortable for visitors and employees.

The loan repayments are spread over eight years and are repaid through the savings made on the council’s energy bills. Once the loan is repaid, the council will continue to benefit from the annual savings, releasing funds to be used elsewhere.

Salix are continuing to work with clients in Scotland to receive new applications and are keen to work with organisations as they develop and deliver their carbon management plans.

Organisations are encouraged to get in touch with Salix by March 2019. For more information, to apply or to discuss any project ideas, contact [email protected] or 020 3102 6904.

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