National Museum of Wales Utilising Salix Funding

Submitted by Salix on Fri, 06/04/2018 - 15:26

By providing interest-free capital, Salix can assist publically funded museums to achieve financial savings, enhance visitor experience and improve the long-term care for museum collections using energy efficient technologies. In this sector, as well as the carbon and financial benefits of undertaking energy efficiency projects, there are many key benefits, such as maintaining the internal environments and reducing the maintenance cost of building services.

Temperature, humidity and light levels are important factors for museums. Being able to control these is imperative to looking after the national heritage and upgrading environmental control technologies to manage internal environments can provide carbon and financial benefits. Salix supports over 100 different technologies, many of which are applicable to museums.

National Museum of Wales

With the help of Green Growth Wales repayable interest-free funding, National Museum Cardiff is currently in the process of replacing their ageing humidifiers with new units based on ultrasonic technology.  The project is looking to improve the environmental management of collection stores and public galleries in the museum, whilst reducing their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. Controlling humidity is a crucial element of the care of cultural collections which is maintained by humidifiers, especially during periods of winter heating. The project benefits collection care and increases both financial and environmental sustainability.

With funding from the Welsh Government, Salix Finance SEELS loans have been used by over 40 different Welsh public sector bodies since 2009. More than £24 million has been invested by clients in Welsh energy efficiency projects which, over their lifetime, are forecasted to save approximately £75 million.

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