Phase 3b Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

Requesting funds from Salix

In order to request funds from Salix for your Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme project you must submit a forecast of this claim in your Monthly Monitoring Report at the start of the payment period. This will usually fall on the 15th day of the month before. 

Example: To submit a payment claim to Salix on 22nd June, you must forecast this in your MMR on 15th May.  

This is to ensure Salix has funds in our account available to pay out to you (see Monthly Monitoring Report and Forecasting section for further details).  

Your Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme grant can only be drawn down on an evidence-of-need basis, this means that works should have been completed on-site and have been invoiced for before making a payment claim. You cannot draw down the grant award in advance of incurring costs or works taking place on-site. Therefore, when submitting your MMR forecast, please only forecast claims where you are confident you will have invoices by the claim submission deadline (please see timetable below for more details). 

Payment Period Forecast submission deadline  Claim submission deadline Funds received by
2 Wed-15-Mar Thu-27-Apr Wed-24-May
3 Fri-14-Apr Thu-25-May Wed-21-Jun
4 Mon-15-May Thu-22-Jun Wed-19-Jul
5 Thu-15-Jun Thu-20-Jul Wed-16-Aug
6 Fri-14-Jul Thu-24-Aug Wed-20-Sep
7 Tue-15-Aug Thu-21-Sep Wed-18-Oct
8 Fri-15-Sep Thu-19-Oct Wed-15-Nov
9 Fri-13-Oct Thu-23-Nov Wed-20-Dec
10 Wed-15-Nov Wed-04-Jan Wed-24-Jan
11 Fri-15-Dec Thu-25-Jan Wed-21-Feb
12 Mon-15-Dec Thu-22-Feb Wed-20-Mar
Accruals TBC TBC TBC

Submitting a claim  

To submit a payment claim you must provide all of the following documents to your relationship manager:    

1. Statement of Expenditure

Returned as both an excel document, and a PDF that has been signed by the Authorising Official. If you don’t have a signature that can be inserted before saving it as a PDF your relationship manager can send it for signature via DocuSign.    

2. Invoices listed on the Statement of Expenditure

When providing invoices please change the file names to the following format “three-digit number indicating order listed on SoE. Value in pounds and pence - invoice number/title of document” for example “001. £3,000.00 - EVJ955 Sports Hall Design fees”. Invoice descriptions should contain: 

  • Reference to the PSDS project 
  • The site where the works have taken place 
  • The exact works which have been carried out    
3. Breakdown of works 

Breakdown of works or valuation documents to accompany invoices where the description on the invoice does not explicitly state the works being invoiced for.

4. Schedule 5 payment request form 

Signed by the Authorising Official, this must match the exact amount evidenced on the Statement of Expenditure.    

The Statement of Expenditure and Schedule 5 Payment Request form templates can be found below requested from your relationship manager.  

Please note your Authorising Official (who signed the Grant Offer Letter) can delegate responsibility for signing payment requests to someone else at your Public Sector Body by emailing your relationship manager and confirming the contact details of the person they wish to fulfil this responsibility.  

Webinar slides

On 28 February 2023 we hosted an online webinar for Phase 3b Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme clients grant recipients who will be claiming early spend for works in the 2022/23 financial year.

In this webinar we covered the following: 

  • What is early spend.
  • Key dates.
  • Forecasting spend.
  • Evidencing spend.

You can download the webinar slides below.