Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme - Conditions of funding

Conditions of funding

This page provides guidance on how to resolve the specific conditions of funding for your Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme project, including where to find conditions and the key dates for resolving them. Detailed advice on the most common conditions and what is considered sufficient evidence to satisfy these conditions is available to download.

The importance of conditions 

Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme grant conditions help Salix and grant recipients, as stewards of public money, to ensure that projects are being well managed and remain compliant in line with the scheme criteria. 

Submitting conditions information at the associated milestone enables your Salix relationship manager to understand your project and verify the eligible grant value as it progresses, so that any payment requests can be approved. We advise submitting this information as early as possible and by no later than the original expected discharge date.

Failure to provide the information required to resolve conditions within a reasonable timeframe after the associated milestones are reached may result in grant payments being withheld or funding reclaimed at the end of the project.

Where can I find conditions?

Specific conditions relating to your project can be found in Schedule 2 of your Grant Offer Letter. The conditions will also be listed in Step 3 of your monthly monitoring report to ensure these are reviewed each month and you can provide updates on progress in gathering the information required and providing this to us.

All grant recipients must provide an updated application form on completion of your project so that we can verify the total eligible grant value before final payment is made. This should confirm the final energy saving values and costs with evidence of the energy savings calculations if any changes since previous assessment. Any changes to the energy savings calculations should be communicated to us as soon as these are identified, usually following completion of detailed designs, since these changes may affect eligible grant value and subsequently the grant recipient contribution required.

If there are any changes to the project scope, you should inform us of these at the earliest opportunity and follow the change request process (please see the Change requests page of our website for guidance).  

When and how can I resolve conditions?

Conditions are expected to be resolved at key milestones as your project progresses.

Once you reach the relevant milestone, you should provide the required information to your Salix relationship manager for review and we will confirm once the condition is considered resolved. Some conditions will require technical assessment and you may be contacted by a member of our energy and carbon technical team with any queries.

Milestone Expected discharge date: single year projects Expected discharge date: multi-year projects
Project approval 03 June 2024 03 June 2024
Detailed designs complete 01 October 2024 01 April 2025
Orders placed 02 December 2024 02 June 2025
Final commissioning 03 February 2025 02 February 2026

Please note, the deadlines have been set as standard dates based on when we see the majority of projects reach these milestones, but if your project passes a milestone at an earlier date, please provide the information as soon as possible within 30 days.

Any questions?

Please see the frequently asked questions page of the Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme section of our website – or ask your Salix relationship manager for support!