Scheme Criteria

Eligible organisations can apply for grant funding for projects which meet the compliance criteria below: 

1. Only eligible organisations listed can apply for this funding.  

2. The funding is for producing a heat decarbonisation plan. 

3. Heat decarbonisation plan(s) must be undertaken on public sector building(s) that have a fossil fuel heating system currently in place and takes a whole building approach to decarbonisation.

4. Outputs that may be required as part of developing a heat decarbonisation plan include: 

  • Feasibility studies  
  • Detailed design   
  • Investment grade proposals  
  • Specialist technical site survey  
  • Building audit or site survey  
  • Desktop analysis 

5.  An eligible heat decarbonisation plan will: 

  • Specify how the Applicant will decarbonise building(s) on its public sector estate, specifically identifying measures that reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuel use, in public sector buildings; and  
  • Aim to maximise cost-effectiveness by taking a ‘whole building’ approach to building decarbonisation; and  
  • Produce or facilitate the production of the information and data required to develop an investment grade proposal, and to make a valid application for Phase 3 Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. 

6.  Applicants must demonstrate how they will ensure that their project provides value for money as part of the application process.    

7. The Grant is only available for the cost of resourcing specialist private sector skills and expertise, such as consultancy, to undertake an eligible project.  

8. The Grant is only available for projects that meet the ‘additionality’ criteria. That is, LCSF grants can only be used to fund work that is additional and would not otherwise be completed without the grant.  The LCSF should not be used to apply for: 

  • Funding works that is underway, or has been agreed and approved, through other funding sources. 
  • Funding internal resources, existing full-time employee at the public sector organisation, already available and whose costs are already covered by internal budgets. 

9. Specific exclusions:  

  • The Grant must not be used for capital expenditure, such as the purchase of energy efficiency or decarbonisation equipment.  
  • The Grant must not include VAT, unless the VAT cannot be reclaimed from HMRC. 

There is no maximum or minimum amount of Grant to be awarded.