Phase 3 Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund

The project delivery timeline

Introduction to the Phase 3 LCSF timeline 

Welcome to the Low Carbon Skills Fund diary planner. The table below is designed to support the delivery of your heat decarbonisation plan projects showcasing the delivery journey from 1 August 2022 to 14 April 2023. The journey includes key deadlines to help fulfil the conditions outlined in your Grant Offer Letter and to aid in sending financial documentation to receive your payments.  

Key documents have been linked below to assist with completing your project. If you require further help or have any questions, please contact your relationship manager. 

Step 1


At the beginning of the Phase 3 Low Carbon Skills Fund project delivery, all successful organisations were required to provide three documents as a condition of the funding. Please ensure the following documents have been sent to Salix and signed by the Authorising Official to ensure a seamless final payment process. 

Contract award information form  

This form requires details such as grant value, procurement cost, VAT policy and the name of the consultant/contractor to whom the contract was awarded. 

Supplementary building information tool 

At the project completion stage, all three sections of the supplementary building information tool (blue, green and purple) must be completed to allow Salix to process final payment. 

Consent to contact form 

This form gives Salix consent to contact the consultant/contractor to whom the contract has been awarded and should have their contact details.

Have you completed these documents?

  • Completed a contract award information form

  • Completed the supplementary building information tool

  • Completed a consent to contact form

  • All documents signed by the Authorising Official

  • All completed and signed documents sent to Salix

Step 2

Interim payment requests

Successful organisations can process one interim payment during delivery of the project. These interim payments must be forecast in advance by following the instructions and adhering to the timescales in the schedule 3 payment schedule below. To process an interim payment, the documents below must be provided to Salix. 

Statement of Expenditure 

The statement of expenditure is required in order to provide an itemised breakdown of the costs incurred through the LCSF project and evidenced in the invoice. 

Schedule 5: Payment Request 

To process an interim payment, you must submit this form detailing the amount, payment date and account details. 


Issued invoices must be for works completed by 31 March at the latest.  

Schedule 3 Payment Schedule Webform 

All required documents must be submitted in line with the approved forecasted payment month. If you need to amend your forecast complete the Schedule 3 Payment Schedule form.

Documents for this stage

Step 3

Submission of completion statement and final payment request

To prepare for a final payment, Salix must receive a forecast in advance via the same process as an interim payment. Before a final payment can be processed Salix will need to see the completed HDP(s) by 31 March at the latest and the relevant payment documentation below. The completion statement will be sent on receipt of completion documents.  

Completion Statement 

The completion statement will be sent to you via DocuSign to confirm the final details as part of the grant completion and payment process.  

Heat Decarbonisation Plan Quality Assurance factsheet 

The heat decarbonisation plan quality assurance factsheet form is to be used to score the heat decarbonisation plan(s) and allows you to make a judgement on the quality before submitting to Salix. The score is to be provided on the completion statement. 

Frequently asked questions

Documents for this stage