What we do and who we are

The information published in this category covers Salix’ organisational information, location and contacts, constitutional and legal governance.

About us and what we do

Salix Finance Ltd is an executive non-departmental public body owned wholly by government.

Salix is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Department for Education (DfE), the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government. Its main function is to provide and/or to administer the provision of finance to public sector bodies to improve their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and other similar projects.

This section also sets out the specific financial assistance Salix provides (i.e., the interest fee loans, the managed schemes and the grants.)

You can find more information about us here.

Our location and contact details

Constitutional and legal governance

Salix is overseen by several Board members. Its day to day operations are overseen by the Executive Director, the Directors, members of the Senior Management team.

Salix’ framework agreement with Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Salix Board Code of Conduct and the Audit and Risk Committee terms of reference may be viewed here.

A list of Salix’ personnel, their roles and responsibilities and information about Salix’ core funders and its partners may be viewed via the links below:

The services we offer

Here we publish information such as advice and guidance relevant to what we do including, the grant funding schemes and updates. This may viewed here