Phase 3a Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

Monthly monitoring report

The Monthly Monitoring Reports inform Salix of the progress of your project, the key risks and the forecast spending in a standardised format.

Each grant recipient should have received a Monthly Monitoring Report template tailored to their project and be in contact with a dedicated Salix relationship manager to support the delivery of their projects. In addition to regular calls and emails with the Salix relationship manager, we ask that a Monthly Monitoring Report is submitted for each Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme project.

The Monthly Monitoring Report includes guidance on how it should be completed. This is to be updated and submitted by email to your Salix relationship manager by the 15th of each calendar month. 

Reporting timeline

Monthly Monitoring Report deadlines
Reporting period Latest date to submit the Monthly Monitoring Report
11 Jan 2023 to 10 Feb 2023 Wed 15 Feb 2023
11 Feb 2023 to 10 Mar 2023 Wed 15 Mar 2023
11 Mar 2023 to Apr 2023 Fri 14 Apr 2023

How to complete your Monthly Monitoring Report

Below are a series of how to videos on the the steps you need to take in order to complete and submit your monitoring report. 

Part one, introduction and site progress.

Part two, completing the Monthly Monitoring Report tab.

Part three, completing the forecast.

Summary of guidance.