Phase 3a Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

Change requests

Scheme change request deadlines for single year

  1. Major scope change – 31 October 2022 
  2. Minor scope change – 16 January 2023 
  3. Scope reduction and cost change – scheme end date 31 March 2023 

Key updates

To support clients with the successful and timely delivery of Phase 3a Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme projects, we have produced a brief video that reiterates key messages and deadlines. Our video specifically talks you through the deadlines of 16 January and 31 March 2023. The video also runs you through exactly what is needed for an acceptable change request, as well as looking at the change request form, the supporting information and what we expect from these. 


Step 1

Notify your relationship manager of your change request

Contact your relationship manager either in writing, by telephone or through notification on the Monthly Monitoring Report submission. Your relationship manager will acknowledge your request and you will receive a change request form to complete and return. 

Step 2

Complete and submit relevant documentation to your relationship manager

Complete and submit the change request form and submit the updated Application Form.

An Application Form with the following information updated:  

  • energy savings  
  • project costs  
  • programme timescales 

Any changes must be well evidenced by supporting calculations, data sheets and quotations. 

Submit any other supporting documentation relevant to the change request

  • updated energy savings calculations with methodology 
  • evidence of costs 
  • specifications and data sheets if applicable 
  • updated project programme 
  • submitted updated risk register 
  • submitted feasibility studies if there was a site change 

Step 3

Salix review

Your relationship manager will acknowledge that you have completed the form and inform you if any other supporting documentation is required for the Salix review process. Salix can only start reviewing the change request once all the requested documentation is received. 

Key definitions

Major scope change: Sites have been added to scope or there is a change to the low carbon heating system. The deadline for this was 31 October 2022. 

Minor scope change: Energy efficiency measures have been added to scope. The deadline for this was 16 January 2023.

Scope reduction: Sites/measures have been removed from scope. 

Cost change: As some projects will reduce scope to complete by the grant end-date we expect some change in costs. 

Important notes: 

Change requests must be submitted to Salix and approved prior to the delivery of any amended elements of the project. Any changes to the project may affect the projects’ ability to meet the scheme criteria and therefore the level of funding available, so we advise seeking approval before proceeding with changes to the project as funding is not secure until this point.  

Grant recipients should be aware that a reduction in gas savings may see their eligible grant value decrease and encourage them to update their application form regularly to understand whether the grant value is impacted by changes to the project.