Phase 3b Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

Change requests

Single-year change request deadline

For projects completing by 31 March 2024, the deadline to submit a change request is:

Monday 11 September 2023

Salix only expects to receive change requests when there is reasonable confidence in the final design, namely when designs and tenders are complete. For this reason, we expect each grant recipient to submit a maximum of one change request.

Definitions of a change request

  • A ‘change’ is defined as any significant alteration in the scope of the project. This includes adding or removing a site to the scope of Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme works, changes to the low-carbon heating system, including additional energy efficiency measures which were not previously in the agreed scope.   
  • If there is a change to the scope of existing energy efficiency measures saving direct carbon, a formal change request will only have to be submitted if the gas is not to be displaced by the proposed low-carbon heating system. 
  • Minor changes that are required to facilitate delivery and do not affect compliance shall not be defined as change requests and will be managed through the usual Salix monitoring processes. This includes increasing or reducing the scope of energy efficiency measures and saving indirect carbon. 


Step 1

Notify your relationship manager of your change request

Contact your relationship manager either in writing, by telephone or through notification on the Monthly Monitoring Report submission. Your relationship manager will acknowledge your request and you will receive a change request form to complete and return. 

Step 2

Complete and submit relevant documentation to your relationship manager

Complete and submit the Change Request Form.


Fill in Part I of the Change Request Form template available above with all proposed adjustments to your project outlined clearly. Part I of the form has four sections that you need to complete:

  1. Description of the proposed change
  2. Revised payment schedule
  3. Appendix
  4. Declarations

Please Note: The declaration section of our updated Change Request Form will need to be agreed and signed off by the registered Accountable Officer of your project, without this a change request application will not be considered.

You may you leave Part II of the change request form empty as this is for internal use only.

An application form with all steps updated:

The following documents are required to assess a scope change:

  • Updated energy-saving calculations
  • Updated risk register
  • Updated project programme (with completion by grant end date)
  • Cost evidence

Additional documents are required to assess a site change, with the expectation that the level of detail will resemble that provided at the initial application stage:

  • End-of-life boiler evidence
  • Options appraisal
  • Feasibility study (including peak heat loss calculations)
  • Energy consumption data
  • Schematics (existing and proposed)

Please note: Further documents required to complete the change request assessment, is at the discretion of the assessor.

Step 3

Salix review

Your relationship manager will acknowledge that you have completed the form and you will be contacted by either a member of the energy and carbon technical team or one of Salix’s technical advisors if any other supporting documentation is required for the Salix review process.

Salix can only start reviewing the change request once all the requested documentation is received and will aim to make a decision within 20 working days. If insufficient information is provided or there are inadequate responses within a given timeline, Salix reserves the right to reject the change request.

Important notes

Change requests must be submitted to Salix and approved prior to the delivery of any amended elements of the project. Any changes to the project may affect the project's ability to meet the scheme criteria and therefore the level of funding available, so we advise seeking approval before proceeding with changes to the project as funding is not secure until this point.

Grant recipients should be aware that a reduction in gas savings may see their eligible grant value decrease and encourage them to update their application form regularly to understand whether the grant value is impacted by changes to the project.