Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme - Completing your project

Completing your project

This page provides information to help you through the completions process* for your Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme project. You will find key documents and guidance on the following:

  • Standard completion
  • Delayed commissioning
  • Delayed completion
  • Partial completion

*Please note: All projects should follow the standard completion process unless a reasonable request to extend the practical completion date has been approved.

Standard completion 

It is considered a standard completion where all measures in your project will be completed and are commissioned and operational by the grant end date stated in your Grant Offer Letter. 

Delayed commissioning 

The delayed commissioning process applies where all physical installations are completed on site by the grant end date, but they are unable to be commissioned and operational by this date because other factors, outside your control, will prevent you from doing so. 

Delayed completion 

The delayed completion process applies where projects are unable to complete fully by the grant end date, and the remaining works will be completed after this date using alternative funding. If your project is not expected to complete by the grant end date, we will require a letter signed by the authorising official confirming the value and measures to be installed after the grant end date and confirming that alternative funding is available to complete the project. Please inform your relationship manager as soon as possible if you expect any delays to completion of your project. Any extension to the practical completion date is not guaranteed and requests will be approved on a case by case basis. 

Partial completion

The partial completion process applies if you are unable to complete your project to the agreed scope. This would be due to either completing partial but carbon compliant projects or by incurring permitted costs that make the project non-compliant against the scheme carbon criteria, for example due to late cancellations. 

Any questions?

Please see the frequently asked questions page of the Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme section of our website – or ask your Salix relationship manager for support!