Scottish Public Sector Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme

Carlton hill in Edinburgh

Project criteria

Project criteria in Scotland offer up to a 12-year payback at a cost of £305 per tonne of CO2 (£305/tCO2) over the lifetime of the project on all new loan agreements. 

Projects must comply with the following criteria: 

  • the project must pay for itself from energy savings within a maximum twelve year period. 
  • the cost of CO2e must be less than £305 per tonne over the lifetime of the project. 

Projects are required to meet the criteria of ‘additional’. There are a number of criteria that are used to assess whether a project is ‘additional’ including: 

  • Has it already started or has the full funding already been agreed from a different source? If so, it is ‘not additional’. 
  • Is it required by Building Regulations or planning officers e.g. requirement for a percentage of electricity demand in new buildings to be met by onsite renewables? If so, it is ‘not additional’. 
  • Is the project being implemented for commercial gain other than the reduction of costs through increased energy efficiency? If so, it is ‘not additional’. 

If the answer to all the above questions is no, then the project can be funded under the scheme. Salix looks to self-certification for additionality, although it will be confirmed if an audit is undertaken of the project.