Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme - Monitoring reports

Monitoring reports

This page provides guidance on how and when to submit monitoring reports to meet the grant requirements for your Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme project. 

Monthly monitoring reports provide us with valuable updates regarding the progress of your project, the key risks and issues, as well as any adjustments to the upcoming forecasted payment claims. 

Monitoring reports must be returned by the 15th of every month, or the closest working day prior to 15th. The reports must be returned by a contact at your public sector body, as the grant recipient is responsible for ensuring all information submitted to us is accurate. We appreciate that consultants or contractors leading on the project delivery may fill in most of the report, but the main contact at the public sector body should review all reports before submitting these to us themselves.   

The report follows a standardised format so that these can easily be reviewed. At the start of your project you will receive a tailored monitoring report template.  

 All four sections of the report must be reviewed and updated, to ensure we are confident in the accuracy of the information provided, which will be reported to the scheme funders, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. Guidance on how to complete the report is provided within the template, with an overview of the different sections below:

Step 1 Measure Progress: provides a high-level overview of the status of each individual measure within your project scope, with optional commentary.  

Step 2 Report: provides more in-depth information about your project status, including the key updates from the previous month and focus for the next month, along with progress against key project milestones and details of key risks, issues and approvals required. 

Step 3 Conditions: provides a breakdown of your specific project conditions, to be updated with the dates these are expected to be resolved, the current status and progress made in resolving each condition.  

Step 4 Forecast provides a detailed breakdown of the grant amount you expect to draw down at different stages of the project, to be updated throughout the project with any changes.  

Step 5 Completion: provides guidance to support you through the completions process, with a checklist of what’s required to receive your final grant payment and close your project.  

Please keep your relationship manager informed of project progress through regular calls or emails in addition to providing monthly monitoring reports – any issues should be flagged as soon as possible. Please also ensure you are available to clarify any queries around the time of the report submission deadline.   

In any month when a monitoring report is not submitted, we will not accept any payment request for your project. If monthly monitoring reports are not provided in sequential months, an escalation letter will be issued to your authorising official. 

Planning year projects

If you have a planning year project – where no grant value is allocated for the first financial year 2024-25 – then you will be required to submit quarterly monitoring reports in June, September, December and March in year one. As you move into year two of your project, the monitoring report frequency will increase from quarterly reports to monthly.

Key dates

Please see the below timetable for the monthly monitoring report submission dates for project progress in financial year 2024-25.  


Key dates

Period Reporting On Deadline
1 11-Mar-24 to 10-Apr-24 15-Apr-24
2 11-Apr-24 to 10-May-24 15-May-24 
3 11-May-24 to 10-Jun-24  14-Jun-24
4 11-Jun-24 to 10-Jul-24 15-Jul-24 
5 11-Jul-24 to 10-Aug-24 15-Aug-24 
6 11-Aug-24 to 10-Sep-24 13-Sep-24 
7 11-Sep-24 to 10-Oct-24 15-Oct-24
8 11-Oct-24 to 10-Nov-24  15-Nov-24
9 11-Nov-24 to 10-Dec-24 13-Dec-24 
10 11-Dec-24 to 10-Jan-25  15-Jan-25
11 11-Jan-25 to 10-Feb-25  14-Feb-25
12 11-Feb-25 to 10-Mar-25  14-Mar-25 
Single year project completion 11-Mar-25 to 10-Apr-25  15-Apr-25 

Any questions?

Please see the frequently asked questions page of the Phase 3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme section of our website – or ask your Salix relationship manager for support!